I did not know anything about Moo's Facebook cards until 
Sarah at http://citygirlsfashionbox.blogspot.com/ tweeted about them and the free offer.
Being the curious person that I am, I decided to investigate and a week later here they are.

Basically they are buisness cards but for your Facebook, yes I find that a little odd too.
Yes I have a Facebook "Like Page" for my blog but does it need it's own business card?
In a really short word...no!
So rather than base the cards solely on my Facebook page I incorporated all my blog and
contact details so they are more blog friendly.

I think the Facebook cards are a cute idea but not something I feel I need
but I do think you should take advantage of the free offer - link
but customise them so they are more than just advertising your Facebook,
it is also a great chance to see and feel the quality of Moo Business cards before
committing to placing a large order.

Again you can order 50 free Facebook cards here - link

What do you think useful or just plain gimmicky?