Foreo Luna 2 Device

I don't often flag up promotional campaigns as most don't sit well with me but as a huge fan of Foreo products in general, I do tend to keep tabs on the brand and their on-goings. When the "Pay it Forward with Foreo" email landed in my inbox, I felt it was only fair to highlight this wonderful incentive and hopefully help some deserving ladies receive their own Foreo Luna 2 Device.

To mark International Women's Day Foreo is asking women ‘if you could make the world a more beautiful place, would you?'. I think it is safe to assume that for most the answer would be a reassuring yes? The concept is that Foreo are empowering women like us to pay forward our thanks for the years of sage advice, inspiration and support that has been passed generation to generation, woman to woman - all of which has helped to play a part in the beauty industry and technology as we know it today.

Foreo Luna 2 Device

From 1 March to 8 March Foreo are giving us an opportunity to say thank you to all the women who have positively impacted our lives. If you share your heartfelt, true story with Foreo, the brand will gift the woman that has made your life that little better a brand new Foreo Luna 2 Device. No catch just a simple act of kindness. 

How to participate
1. Post a photo of you and the woman you are nominating on your Instagram or Facebook feed.
In the caption say who you are nominating and why. Make sure to tag @foreo and include the hashtags #PayItForwardWithFOREO, #IWD2020, #EachForEqual

2. Fill in this form and share your story - who you are nominating and why.

Full list of Terms & Conditions can be found here.

I must state that this is NOT a sponsored post, rather I wanted to flag up a wonderful way to mark International Women's Day but I will add that I have worked with the brand in both a gifting and sponsored capacity in the past few years. This post however was not part of any of the aforementioned activity but rather something I felt was worth sharing.