So it seems we have reached the final gift guide in my series and it is time we shed a little light on those who seemingly have it all. As someone who doesn't know much about much, I have stuck with a somewhat lose beauty theme in that I have selected items that will add a little touch of glamour and relaxation within your loved ones life.

1, If there is one fail safe item that will put a smile on just about anyone's face it has to be pyjamas, seriously who doesn't love PJ's? A new and exciting brand that has caught my attention is Chelsea Peers, not only are the designs beautiful but they are so well made and cut that you'd be forgiven should you attempt to go outside in the odd pair or two. I have the Chelsea Peers NYC Rose Gold Foil Star Pyjamas (£35) and have not taken them off since they arrived!

2, With the colder nights drawing in do your loved one a solid and treat them to the gift of warmth in the form of a pretty hot water bottle. Yes it is entirely practical but with the cute designs on offer at Chelsea Peers you'll be counting down the hours until you can slink off to bed with a book. My personal favourite has to be the Chelsea Peers NYC Serial Chiller Gift Set (£22) that comes complete with a pretty eye mask for complete luxury.

3, Slippers! Who doesn't need a pretty pair of slippers, oddly my new favourite pair are from Boots and are the Giovanna Fletcher Nap Queen Slippers, super soft and super affordable at just £7.

4, I can't be the only one who drinks a whole lot more hot drinks in the colder weather? To make Hot Cocoa that little more prettier then may I suggest the Zoella Lifestyle Cup of Cheer Glass Mug - a beautiful and sizeable cup that will appeal to all ages - Zoella fan or otherwise.

5, New Years resolutions are right around the corner and for most, drinking more water and perhaps attending the gym will be front and centre on said list. A great way to look great and encourage someone to be more hydrated (as well as being environmentally sound) is by gifting any picky relative a Bewater water bottle. At the moment I am hooked on their unique gemstone bottles and have been constantly using my Tritan Belove Be Water Bottle (£25.95) - a pretty yet practical bottle adorned with real rose quartz!

6, Maybe I am in the minority here but I personally love a new make-up bag and with the new festive shades of the Space.NK Travel Bags (£24) recently hitting the shelves, there couldn't be a more perfect time. Not only do these beautiful cases look the part but they are sized so that they travel well too - the easy to clean materials don't hurt either.

7, As a beauty blogger and all round cosmetic pest it would be out of character if I didn't mention at least one beauty product, wouldn't it? Well I'm going to go a little left field and actually suggest the gift of a Beauty Pie subscription, not only is it affordable but by doing so you are creating a completely custom gift.  At your desecration, each month your loved one can pick the products they want to try - who wouldn't love that.

8, My go for broke beauty gift idea? The Hourglass Ambient Light Ghost Palette (£65) - 6 beautifully baked and presented powders that serve all manners of purpose, locked inside a pretty palette. You really can't go too wrong with this.

9, Candles are such non-brainers aren't they - they look great, they smell great and to a degree they are one size fits all. My current favourite has to be the utterly stunning MOR Northern Lights Candle, it is both sweetly scented and presented and one of those rare brands that manage to do luxury yet affordable without compromise. This may be new favourite home fragrance brand.

10, As skincare can be quite prescriptive, I suggest playing it safe and perhaps only gifting hand creams this festive season. My current favourite has to be the new Goutal Hand Balm range, not only do they smell incredible but they are fast acting and non-greasy.

What's on your wish list?