Kringle Candle Daylights Review UK Autumn

I left the house at 6am today and not only was it positively dark outside but it was beyond chilly. If I had the energy to deeply exhale, I'm all but sure my frosty breath would have surrounded the air around me. Sure the arrival of Autumn means extra layers, gloves and walking with trepidation on the now slippery pavements but on the plus side, burning candles all day and night feels far more justified - as does going to bed that little earlier to read a book and generally eating soup. For those looking for something a little different to add both scent and ambience to their home - and without skipping a mortgage payment at that - may I recommend a brand that is seldom spoke about here in the UK? Let me share a few recent Kringle Candle purchases and finds.

Kringle Candle Daylights Review UK Autumn

So you may or may not be aware but Kringle Candle is actually owned (and created) by the son of Yankee Candle which does mean there are some similarities between the brands: familiar packaging, scent themes/families and in general the price point. The main difference is that Yankee Candle is everywhere and of course far more known and yet still lacks smaller in size candle options.

If you are anything like me you bore easily and flit between several candles a week which quickly mounts up and of course depletes your home of storage, you may be looking for something a little less cumbersome than a huge glass jar. Tealights are great and all but have you ever experienced a Kringle Candle Daylight? Compact yet mighty; around twice the size of a regular tealight candles (burning for up to 12 hours), affordable and available in a whole rainbow of colours and fragrances, that deceptively scent an entire room.

Kringle Candle Daylights Review UK Autumn

I realise upon typing this out that noting the Kringle Candle Daylights stack really well, probably doesn't rank all that highly on the average person's checklist but if you are tight on storage space, every little bit helps. That or I really should consider going out more...

Kringle Candle Daylights Review UK Autumn

As the weather has shifted, my Kringle Candle order was positively influenced by the cooler temperatures of Autumn. Here's a quick break down of the scents I purchased this time around:

Apple Cider Donut - sweet yet savoury with a strong note of cinnamon. Very reminiscent of a few Bath and Body Works fragrances (think Leaves et al). Easily my favourite of the bunch.

Oak & Fig - clean, fresh and fruity. Reminds me of Diptyque Figulier. If you enjoy fig bases scents this one is for you.

Comfy Sweater - one for those who gravitate towards "fabric softener" type fragrances, not my personal favourite.

Cozy Cabin - Smoky yet sweet, if you like toasted marshmallow notes, this is the one to stock up on.

Lumberjack - such an odd scent; half floral, half musky. Pleasant enough but peculiar all the same.

Touch of Autumn - A Cinnamon led, spice heavy, warming fragrant. Perfect for this time of the year.

Kringle Candle Daylights Review UK Autumn

I have of course began narrowing down my Winter/Christmas fragrances but let's give it a few weeks shall we?

You can find the entire range here - link.