Laura (@lpearsonsmith): A T.V mogul and beauty blogger all rolled into one. A very busy schedule of filming, being on location and sometimes out and about in our fair city of Glasgow means that Laura's beauty bag has to accommodate all her needs and leave her skin looking perfect. If ever you have dreamed of nailing natural beauty that stays put all day, then look no further!

"Now that I am back working in the production of a TV drama again, my makeup bag reflects the lack of time that I have to invest in my daily appearance. Throughout Monday to Friday, I do what I consider to be the bare minimum to give my skin that clear, glowy ‘glass skin’ look that I love.

Maintaining a good skincare regime is integral to this look working, as if my skin is uneven, dry or has blemishes, I would need a lot heavier coverage. I wrote about my updated skincare regime and my current cleansers over on my blog.

Post skincare, I apply a massage in a small amount of Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow (£38.50) over my entire face to add some extra moisture and a bit of a pearlescent light-reflecting sheen. This is a primer that’s designed to add glow, colour correct and minimise signs of ageing by plumping the skin with moisture -it also has a very light blurring effect for pores.

I then follow this with another Charlotte Tilbury product - Hollywood Flawless Filter in 1 Fair (£30). When I tested this, I was using it as a foundation and liked it. However, once I learnt how to use it properly, I really saw how amazing this product is. It’s not a foundation or CC cream; it's doe foot applicator indicates that it is supposed to be used sparingly - more like a concealer, on key areas that need a bit of perfecting. I draw a line under both eyes, across both cheeks, along my forehead and along my jawline and chin, then I blend it in with a sponge. It really transforms your skin by creating a natural-looking glow, adding moisture and plumping the skin, with a soft-focus effect that minimises lines and pores, colour correcting and brightening too. Using this prior to your base, will give much more perfected canvas to work on, so you’ll need less coverage.

I then go in with my concealer and I use a very generous amount under my eyes in a triangle shape. The under-eye concealer that I am using and loving is the Urban Decay Naked SkinColour Correcting Fluid in Pink (£20). This is a lightweight, liquid concealer that cancels out dark circles, and brightens, fair skin due to the pink tone. As well as colour-correcting, you do also gain some coverage and I find that it blurs fine lines too. When I am tired (which is always) this hides it perfectly.

The base I keep going back to in the warmer months of the year when I don’t want heavy products on my face, is the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream in Opal (£28). This is a CC cream with added SPF 30. It’s very moisturising and feels, however, it really helps to perfect the skin with light coverage. It contains lots of natural botanicals and mineral electrolytes that hydrate the and lets your own skin shine through, instead of adding a ‘mask’ of foundation.

Now that my base is complete, it’s time to do my brows, as these are full, dark and something I’m really proud of. I don’t get my brows done by Benefit anymore, but I do rely on and always go back to two of their brow grooming products; the Benefit Ka-Brow in 4 (£21.50), and the Benefit 3D Browtones in 4 (£21.50). Ka-Brow is a tinted cream that you apply with the enclosed tiny angled brush. I draw a sharp outline around my brows and then I draw on lots of tiny little hair-like strokes to fill them in and blend the edges. Then I use 3D Browtones (a tinted gel) to brush the hairs in the direction I want, set the brows, and add a little bit of a highlight to make your brows look more natural.

Now that my brows are on, all I want to do is add a natural flush to my cheeks, with some ‘wet look’, ‘glass like’ highlights, and pop on a tinted lip balm. My cheek product of choice isGlossier’s Cloud Paint in Beam (£15) - you only need the tiniest amount of this hydrating pink-coral. I blend it out with my fingers to give a light flush of colour. I steer away from powders as I want the look to look as skin-like as possible.

My highlighter of choice is the amazing RMS Beauty Living Luminizer (£36). I press this across my cheekbones and over my eyebrows, as well as onto the brow bone. I also press some down my nose and on my cupids bow. This gives me such a natural-looking sheen and just screams ‘healthy skin’!

Finally, I apply a tinted lip balm. I’ve been loving the new Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tints (£25.50). This shade is Bare Raspberry, and it gives your lips a ‘just bitten’ hint of colour, as well as greatly hydrating and conditioning your lips. These lip tints have been around for a while, but this is a new shade this spring. It’s a really nice product to wear." 

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