As a youngster, I used to envy all the older and more sophisticated girls at school who were allowed to stay up past my pre-teen bedtime, marvelling all the adventures of Carrie and co in NYC. I wanted nothing more than to be up to date with the latest episode of Sex in the City and maybe, just maybe, finally discover what exactly a Cosmopolitan would taste like. Alas, I would have to wait a few years to ring in my 18th birthday for my first sip of celebratory cranberry, sweetened vodka and ironically my first ever Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance (Lovely, which couldn't be a more fitting descriptor). Little did I know way back then, whilst crammed into a dingy T.G.I Friday's booth (we were young, broke and thought it was the height of sophistication) that those moments would be called upon for a blog post; or that Sarah Jessica Parker would consider beauty lovers - yes just like you and I-  as a source of inspiration for a new scent -  Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken Eau de Parfum. Isn't life both wonderful and strange?

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken Eau de Parfum

Whenever I fall hard for a fragrance, I pray that there will be a follow up scent and one that opts not to take the lazy, uninspired route - a.k.a drowning out all traces of the original version with heavy rose notes. On the very first day of 2017, I sat down and shared my admittedly gushing thoughts about Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Eau de Parfum. I really couldn't imagine that a successor fragrance would be able to as much as tempt me; the strong, refined and androgynous notes of Stash were all I looked for in a fragrance and more, and yet here I am with Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken Eau de Parfum (or Stash 2.0 as I like to call it)ready to declare my undying - but slightly different type - of love all over again.

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken Eau de Parfum

Yes the bottles and the name of both fragrances may be similar but truly that is where all comparison ends; where the original Stash Eau de Parfum is bold and sexy, Stash Unspoken is soft, delicate and refined. The only parallel I can draw (bare aesthetics aside of course) is that one is perhaps traditionally best suited to day wear (Stash Unspoken), and the other may be again a more conventional choice for the evening. Stash Unspoken is entirely unexpected and one that I do urge you to try out even if the original version didn't fully win you over.

I've mulled over how best to describe Stash Unspoken Eau de Parfum for the best part of a week and the one word that springs up in my mind, time and time again is creamy. Now when I say creamy, I don't mean an overly sweet and synthetic vanilla note, rather creamy in the sense of a luxurious and familiar body lotion, combined with the hazy warmth and comfort of a long and indulgent soak in the tub. Yes Stash Unspoken is floral but gracefully so, ultimately this is the most feminine fragrance I have tested in a long while, if in fact ever. If pearls, lace, bubble baths and lipstick could join forces to create an elegant fragrance it would be Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken.

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken Eau de Parfum

What I personally enjoy most about Unspoken Stash is that none of the notes are bold nor brash, there is no yelling nor pushing for dominance, rather everything fuses together seamlessly to create a new fragrance, and altogether sensory experience that lives up to the moniker it has been given. For those curious the official note line up is as follows: top notes of Pink Peppercorn and Quince, heart notes of Wisteria, Honeysuckle, Peony, and base notes of Musk, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Olibanum.

If ever you've dreamt of dressing in swathes of tulle, silk and expensive jewels this is the fragrance that such (grown up) daydreams have been missing.

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken Eau de Parfum is available via Superdrug for 100ml/£25 - link.