Seasonal Beauty Switches

Yes technically Autumn began on the 22nd of this month (a whole week ago) but in my mind, the first day of October is the real start of the new season - perhaps it has something to do with the fact it is around about then that the Pumpkins roll out in Supermarkets? Regardless of when we do or do not embrace Autumn, there's no denying that the weather is changing and as such it may be time to switch up - or in the least evaluate - our current beauty routines.

You may have seen a few articles circulate recently about how air-drying may be more harmful for your hairs generally health, than gently styling with heat? I'll level in saying that I am not entirely convinced that this is true but I have began regularly drying my hair with the Revlon One-Step Dryer (read the full review here). My hair is so long (I can just about sit on it) and as such left to it's own devices, it tangles very easily and generally can look a little lank. I've found that since using the Revlon One-Step Dryer to gently straighten and dry my hair (I use the lowest setting) that my hair is by far more manageable. The only real change I'm vowing to make in the next few months in regards to my hair is to book in for a few trims, be more vigilant with heat protectant and of course ensure that I use a deep treatment weekly. As it is the season of hats and layers, now may be a good time to wean my hair off of excessive washing too?

Seasonal Beauty Switches

Over the last few years I have noticed that the cooler months seem to dry out my skin but only in one area - my chin/mouth. I should probably research as to why that is happening but for now I am going to step up my moisturising and exfoliant game. In such area I am going to ensure that I use more oil and nourishing masks, and maybe just maybe, re-introduce my skin to the wonder that is Pixi Glow Tonic.

Typically I am a huge fan and pusher of sheet masks but for the last month due to a heavy work load, I have been a little negligent and skipped such step each night. I've all but vowed to myself that as of the 1st of October, I will pop a sheet mask on each evening before crawling into bed. In the chillier months, my skin really laps up the additional moisture and as they are cheap, cheerful and so easy to use, I really have no excuse - the same applies with making time for a skin clearing/cleansing mask once a week too.

Seasonal Beauty Switches

M A K E - UP
Traditionally, I tend to give Autumnal toned make-up a wide berth - I simply do not suit plum nor berry toned shades nor do I feel comfortable in them - but this year, I am going to try and occasionally step out of my comfort zone. Not only am I determined to de-clutter my stash once and for all but I also have a personal mission to find a least one warm, rich lip colour that I can wear over the coming weeks that I truly enjoy wearing.

Personally going forward - not just for Autumn but for the rest of the year - I am going to subscribe to the less is more rule; be that wearing or buying make-up. That and it is time that I started painting my nails on a more regular basis - my hands look terrible at the moment.

New season, new attitude.

Will you be switching anything up within your beauty routine this Autumn?