Bond No.9 Brooklyn Eau de Parfum Review

I purchase fragrance a lot; be it candles, scented soap or of course perfume, I have a weakness for wonderfully fragrant objects I can enjoy. I am by no means a collector - unless Le Labo Candles count because who can bring themselves to burning those - and don't tend to hand over money for anything I know I won't use fairly regularly. And then Bond No.9 happened.

Bond No.9 Brooklyn Eau de Parfum Review

Next door to the sweetest bakery on Bleecker Street, there is the most decadent yet hip, fragrance store in all of New York (well in my humble opinion anyway), that is lined with sweetly scented tokens of the various boroughs of New York - well all apart from Staten Island, which does seem odd. I can't really call myself a fragrance aficionado as up until mid-2016, I had never heard nor experienced Bond No.9 in any capacity. After around an hour of testing every scent in the store - and then re-testing them once more to be sure - I handed over the best part of $300 on one fragrance. Whoops.

At the time, my plan was to purchase a Bond No.9 fragrance, one that spoke to me in the moment and then wear it the whole trip, so in theory any time I wore it, I would be reminded of such visit to the city. A great, sensory idea at the time but given how expensive the scent turned out to be, I seldom wore it on the trip or since. Double whoops.

Bond No.9 Brooklyn Eau de Parfum Review

No-one knows more than myself that any beauty purchase should be used and loved but I am a worrier, what if one day I run out of my beloved bottle of Bond No.9 Brooklyn Eau de Parfum (unisex, woody and almost spicy - it has a barely there and almost clean quality) and can't afford to replace it. Then there is of course the possibility that they could discontinue the fragrance completely and I'd be left high and dry. All ridiculous when I know deep down, the real reason I don't reach for it is because I don't deem my everyday life exciting, nor worthy enough of such treasured scent. I am trying though, before I left for this visit to New York, I wore it every day for a week and dare I say enjoyed it.

If like myself you are new to Bond No.9, essentially it is a luxury but fairly small and niche fragrance house that relies upon New York as a muse both to name and curate their vast range of scented goods, which does include candles.

So since I am back in the city that never sleeps, what fragrance should I purchase this time around?

You can shop (or browse) the entire Bond No.9 collection here - link.