Nipples are the Secret to the Perfect Lipstick Shade

Well not your nipples.
Everyone's nipples. Yes really.

Apparently a male physician (of course) has made the rather bold claim, that the "secret" key to unlocking your fail-safe, perfect, lip colour is to study the shade of your nipples. I'm all for the ideal fit but whacking out my boobs, in the middle of Sephora to get an exact match is never going to go down well - you may just find yourself swiftly escorted from the premises and asked never to return.

In the past, we have been informed that our dream "my lips but better" hue, can be achieved by matching it to the fleshy inside of our inner, lower lip and even the pads of our fingertips (some allude that this is also how to source your most natural blush shade) but never did the mere topic of nipples arise. In all instances - lips and fingers included - you've got to ask yourself just how credible the sources are, and of course, accept that it is not an exact science. However there may be some truth, in the slightly less than conventional method.

Let's take a moment to think about it: nothing will be more flattering against your own skin-tone than the nuances that are naturally occurring - nipples or otherwise. It has however been reported that using such method is less complimentary, if your complexion happens to be extremely pale or deep; as I said it isn't exactly a highly researched topic; most likely homeboy wanted his name in the press and happened to be a boob man. I'm guessing of course. Basically nipples tend to be various tones of pink, red and brown - conventional shades of lip colour, the odds are in your favour

Have I tried it. Yes. Do I recommend it. Maybe.

Ask yourself what do you have to loose? Perhaps along the way, the tone of certain areas of your anatomy may convince you to try something new - a deeper or lighter nude? Heck it might even make you feel sexy and empowered - word to the wise, maybe don't alert the poor girl in MAC, that your nipples are more the rosy hue of Velvet Teddy opposed to the deeper variant of Brick. A perfect stranger doesn't require nor want that level of personal detail.

Now I'll leave you to wonder if the next person you see today is sporting their "nipple" shade on their lips or not and of course slowly let this click bait trend die out. I can all but assure you professional make-up artists will not be asking you to bare your breasts anytime soon.