In my family, Christmas is a big deal in that we all come together, eat, laugh and generally have a great time but there's not a huge emphasis on gift giving. Now don't get me wrong, me do exchange little tokens of affection but as everyone is now a fully fledged adult with financial responsibilities we do keep to a minimum - it is rather lovely as there is no pressure. As such, I never ask anyone for specified gifts but if I somehow stumble across the end of a rainbow and find a pot of gold, this is what I'd treat myself to...well after I put a down payment on a swanky apartment in Manhattan (my delusion = my rules).

1, By now, you've most likely guessed that I am beyond enamoured with Maison Margiela Replica fragrances, it all began in Sephora last year and has slowly developed into a full blown obsession. Admittedly I do own a few of the memory invoking scents but I've yet to call the smoky, nutty and very Winter apt Maison Margelia Replica By The Fire Place Eau de Toilette my own. I'd also like to add a few Replica candles to my collection, most notably the dreamy and perfect for cosy days/nights at home Lazy Sunday Candle .

2, If any scent can brighten up the dullest of Winter days it is Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum, it's soft, it's sweet, it's expensive, it's practically Summer in a bottle, and yet I've still to visit my local counter and make this fragrance dream, a reality.

3, In the last few months I haven't really reached for a light nude lipstick, in-fact I'm all but scratching my head to think when I last sported something that wasn't verging on dusky pink? Anyway after seeing Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Kim K.W just about everywhere, I'm ready to embrace lighter lipsticks once again; it also doesn't hurt that the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick formulation is as close to matte perfection as I have encountered.

4, Last month I attended a Charlotte Tilbury make-up masterclass and was lucky enough not only to meet the beauty icon herself but to also try out the ever raved about Charlotte Tilbury brushes. It was a mistake on my part as from the first sweep of the fluffy powder brush to blending with the soft yet durable eye brushes, I knew there and then that I would have to save up (a.k.a body swerve Costa Coffee once in a while) and treat myself to a full collection of the luxe yet functional beauty tools.

5, In a dream world, I would of course own every Charlotte Tilbury palette that was ever created but if I could only pick one new addition, to add to my collection it would be the Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp Eyeshadow Palette. The warm, almost berry inspired shades are diverse, and would look great on all complexions and could easily be dressed up, or down.

6, By now, you've most likely gathered that I have a huge weak spot for fragrance, I would love to tell you that I have one signature scent but at this point that would be a flat out lie. Currently topping my to buy list is Valentino Valentina Assoluto Eau De Parfum - it manages to be delicate, soft, floral yet impactful all at once. I can't quite muster up the words to do this scent justice, other than saying it is very Valention-esque. Try it, especially if you currently find everything else out there at the moment a little "samey".

7, Let's file this under "I want it but will probably never muster up the courage to buy it" shall we? Yes once again I have been all but swooning over the beautiful Christian Louboutin Just Nothing Velvet Matte Lip Colour, from the out-of-this-world, intricate packaging to the perfect nude-come-pink hue of this lipstick, everything about it is simply perfect. Well price tag aside, that is, this vision of beauty will set you back a cool £65. Gulp.

8, Another perfume? Yes but please hear me out, if anything on my wish list is set to become a purchase reality it is one of the newly launched MAC Shade Scents. The concept alone is enough to make any MAC make-up fan weak in the knees; rather innovatively MAC have drew inspiration from their best selling and iconic lipstick shades, and created a line of fragrances. From the soft, honey tones and notes of MAC Velvet Teddy to a bright, fruity nod to MAC Candy Yum Yum. This might be my favourite fragrance launch of the year. 

9, I'll let you in on a secret, I very seldom purchase expensive setting powders? I kinda see it as a false economy as it is just a loose powder and I'm likely to waste more than I use. However, while strutting around Sephora (well my ankle was busted, it was more a hobble than strut), I finally gave in and swatched Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder and was pleasantly surprised. Unlike a budget setting powder this has a beyond fine texture that quickly blends into the skin and the cherry on top, is that it blurs imperfections. I may just have to loosen my purse strings after all.

If money was no object, what one (or two, or ten in my case) beauty items would you purchase without a second thought?