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30 Beauty Blogmas Post Ideas

30 Beauty Blogmas Post Ideas

So it's the first of December and you may be deliberating over if you should or shouldn't take part in Blogmas (I think you should - I mean time permitting of course, that tree won't decorate itself), and just where will you pluck up to 25 ideas for posts from? Worry not friends, I have composed an extensive list of beauty blog post prompts - I began working on this in September because I'm overly keen and not entirely convinced I'm not an Elf - for you to pick and choose from, use as daily inspiration or to simply dip in and out of and combine with other festive ideas, the choice is of course yours. Whatever you decide to do, feel free to utilise the below list of post ideas however you see fit.

30 Beauty Blogmas Post Ideas

1, I know it is probably a cliché but as we all have different skin tones and of course preferences, a top five red lipstick post will always be helpful, not to mention interesting.
2, Are you staying away from home this festive season, why not share what make-up you will be packing?
3, If like myself you do not understand the concept of packing light, you could follow the above post with a run down of your travel skincare essentials for such trip?
4, Somewhat piggybacking off of the above prompt, with the sudden cold weather snap, I'm sure many would love to know what general skincare you are using for the season and why?
5, What about your body care routine? Does this change come the colder weather?
6, The same applies for hair care, does the harsh rain, wind and maybe even snow mean you change your routine?
7, Or what about your hands - and maybe even feet? - how do you protect them from the elements?
8, What festive beauty products do you look forward to each year? Beauty Christmas Crackers, the new Lush launches?
9, What is your idea of the perfect Winter pampering evening at home?
10, Do you have any festive beauty traditions? A frothy bubble bath on Christmas Morning, a new fragrance for the season?

30 Beauty Blogmas Post Ideas

11, What is your go to nail colours for the season - any new must-have polishes we should rush out to purchase?
12, If you are skilled with a nail brush you could publish a nail art tutorial or two.
13, Do you have a specific make-up look for the festive season? Perhaps what you wear to dinner for the main event?
14, Or perhaps you have a lovely New Year's Eve look/routine you can't wait to share?
15, What is your take on glitter for the season? How do you wear it: nails, eyes, the whole nine yards?
16, Be honest, what would you love to unwrap in terms of beauty products come the 25th?
17, What is the best beauty gift you have ever given, or maybe even received?
18, Do you have a signature fragrance that you reserve just for the Winter?
19, What about candles? Any top picks to make your home a little more cosy?
20, As money may be a little tight (those gifts don't buy themselves, am I right?) what about a blog post about your top beauty finds under £10/$10?

30 Beauty Blogmas Post Ideas

21, You'll see a lot of gift guides around because they are so helpful but why not go a step further and really hone in on a niche? Such as the best baubles, gifts under £10 or even what to buy the person who has it all.
22, To bronze or not, that is the question - if you do, how do you keep it looking realistic in the cooler seasons?
23, What products do you avoid come the Winter and why?
24, Is there any steps in your beauty routine you skip once the cold weather comes around and why?
25, What are the best beauty tips you have for the season?
26, What about waterproofing your make-up against the slightly more hazardous weather conditions?
27, What beauty/skin/make-up issue do you struggle with in the Winter and how do you remedy such issue?
28, What is your beauty wish list for the season?
29, Are there any upcoming sales and offers that you would recommend checking out?
30, Or perhaps you have some general Christmas beauty shopping tips - where to avoid and perhaps a hidden gem or two?

I hope the above helps spark some inspiration but do feel free to add any other suggestions in the comment section below.

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