Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Perfect Autumn, Winter and Beyond Candle

Woodwick Biscotti Candle

So often we are bombarded with seasonal home fragrance launches: be it Halloween, Christmas or general Autumn scents - all of which are wonderful in small dozes but often a tad too novelty for daily use, or at least in my opinion; kudos to you if you unapologetically burn a festive, cinnamon tinged candle in the midst of Summer, you da the real MVP. For those who are actively seeking out a warming scent, that will gently cocoon with a comforting scent when the air outside is frost-bitten, and still be as appealing once the first drops of Spring dew appear come March. Easier said than done, I hear you say - well that is until you discover any of the Woodwick Biscotti Candles or wax tarts for that matter.

Woodwick Biscotti Candle

So you can't bake a good cookie/cake and haven't as much as looked at your oven since you last cleaned it and even then it was as an apology for neglecting it so long, the Woodwick Biscotti Candle will fool everyone in your near vicinity that you are a star baker. The sweet, toasted cookie fragrance is tinged with nutty undertones and a dash of creamy vanilla, so it has a mellow, rather than sickly saccharine fragrance - think (or imagine) the warm scent of a freshly baked good be it a cake, biscuit or cookie and you won't go far wrong. No it doesn't ring true to real aroma of Biscotti but it is not overly artificial either, which as far as "foodie" categorised home fragrances go, is all that really matters.

Backtracking to my original reasoning on why you need to try out Woodwick Biscotti for yourself: it is perfectly suited to any occasion, any season and any time of the day or night - really is there ever a time in which you wouldn't want your home to smell like an old school Italian bakery? I thought not.

Woodwick Biscotti Candle

I am forever singing the praises of Woodwick candles in general (they are affordable and wonderfully scented) but the crackling wood wick, coupled with the sweet, pastry fragrance takes this to the next level. It is all the best scents and sounds of a cosy night at home but with no need to chop wood for the fire - or of course clean up the aftermath of your latest baking attempts.

If you purchase one candle to see out the rest of 2016, let it be a Woodwick Biscotti Candle - it might not change your life but I can all but guarantee you'll enjoy it come rain, shine and all that is in-between.

Woodwick Biscotti Candle £18.99-£24.99 via Love Aroma - link. 

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