Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash Review

-This post contains sponsored content - Hand wash, we all use it but do we really enjoy our choices? Well what if you could have a fun, beautifully scented bottle of gentle hand wash that both removes all traces of dirt, grime and bacteria without costing the earth. Enter Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash (made in partnership with Swizzels of course) -  the latest addition the Carex liquid soap line up that is sure to have those with a sweet tooth rushing to their nearest Tesco.

Typically when purchasing hand wash I don't give it all that much thought - up until recently the options where dare I say it a tad boring, and not exactly something I looked forward to testing out. I mean why shouldn't hand wash be fun - sure it is a necessity but give me something more than an aquatic fragrance. If you feel similarly then you simply must look out for the new range of Carex Fun Edition Hand Washes, specifically the almost-good-enough to eat Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash - it will keep your hands squeaky clean and add a little whimsy to your sink, what more could you possibly want?

Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash Review

You don't need me to tell you how to use hand wash but you will most likely want to know if this, candy-pink, nourishing, hand wash does more than simply look pretty beside the bathroom and/or kitchen sink. Luckily a lot like the mellow, sweet and oh so familiar fragrance of Love Hearts, the Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash is beyond gentle on the skin; it will deeply cleanse, removing all traces of grime and of course germs (it kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on contact) without drying out even the most delicate of hands. Unlike most hand washes, this particular Carex addition contains a special blend of moisturisers to care for the hands both during and after each wash - something you will be glad once Winter properly sets in. If like myself you are not the best at remembering to apply hand cream, this candy inspired hand wash will ensure you do not end up with dried out and irritated hands!

As a matter of a fact is so nourishing, that it more than suitable for children to use (and for extra peace of mind, you can rest easy knowing that Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash has been dermatologically tested) - I mean if the alluring scent of Love Hearts doesn't drive youngsters to the sink, I'm afraid I don't know what will. Heck I have even been known to use Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash to quickly but efficiently cleanse my make-up brushes with ease.

Add a bottle of Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash to your sink today and I can all but guarantee that you will find yourself making excuses to wash your hands to enjoy the soft, creamy, moisturising bubbles and of course the sweet and realistic candy scent of Swizzles Love Hearts sweets.

You can find Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash via Tesco - link.