Ojon Damage Reverse Styling Mist 

Forgive me if I am wrong but the general hair narrative seems to be that if you have fine hair, you are not prone to damage? Fine hair is often seen as soft, silken and not in need of repair - wrong. No hair texture is off bounds when it comes to hair destruction; it more often than not boils down to how you treat and style your locks, rather than if your hair is thick, fine, long, curly or in-between. But what if you do happen to have fine hair? Where do you turn to in a world of heavy, deep conditioning treatments which are not ideal nor intended for your hair texture? Ojon Damage Reverse Styling Mist, that's where.

For a moment, let's forget that the Ojon Damage Reverse Styling Mist is just that - a styling mist, and concentrate on what else it can do for easily overwhelmed hair types. The Ojon Damage Reverse Styling Mist is a super light weight mist-on, hair treatment that could almost be likened to a leave in conditioner; it deeply nourishes finer hair textures without any traces of residue and is completely non-greasy. Ojon Damage Reverse Styling Mist combines Ojon Oil (derived from the Ojon tree),along with a nourishing blend of Wheat Protein, Tamanu Oil and Brazilian Nut to replenish, repair and of course soften. Unlike other nourishing sprays this is light enough that it can be used root to tip without the worry of it creating greasy or sticky locks - which let's be honest fine hair or not, is something we all fret about when using any type of hair repair product.

So we know that the Ojon Damage Reverse Styling Mist conditions, repairs and revitalises the hair all the while being as close to weightless as possible, but does it bode well as a stand alone styling product? Rather well actually, I'm fully aware that I don't have fine hair but as it is so long, the weight often means maintain volume is near impossible. If I team Ojon Damage Reverse Styling Mist with a quick blast of my hair dryer at the roots, I am left with full, voluminous locks for at least six hours - for those with a lighter hair texture, I am imagine the effects will be far more long lasting. I should also add, that unlike some volumising products, heat is not a requirement to gain the benefits from this styling mist (and certainly not, if merely using to condition and repair) but can bolster results should you want a more dramatic boost. You can also use Ojon Damage Reverse Styling Mist on dry hair, I can't say this is the most beneficial of uses but it does help to ease out tangles and generally soften the hair shaft.

If you have fine hair that needs both volume and repair, look no further.

Ojon Damage Reverse Styling Mist  £14/100ml via Look Fantastic - link.