Have you ever found yourself wishing that Sephora would properly come to the UK (for now you can currently order most products online via the U.S website) once again? Well if rumour is to be believed Sephora will land on British shores once again (Brent Cross I believe was the last main location, along with a few others) in a matter of weeks.

Social media is currently abuzz with the possibility - and it is just that at the moment - that Sephora will be opening its doors in Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre (London), this coming November. At long last huh?

Well kinda. I really thought that should this day ever arrive, I'd be far more overjoyed by the concept than I really am, at the moment to say I'm nonplussed is all but an understatement. Before you paint me a spoil-sport (which is a tag I'll accept in this instance) hear me out...

For me - and I do warn that the following statement is entirely selfish - Sephora was and probably always will be a brand I associate with America despite its European roots. In my mind Sephora is a "foreign luxury", a store that I save and then save some more to visit, and pre-plan just about every purchase a few months before I as much as set foot inside the now iconic stripy store fronts. If - or perhaps when - Sephora becomes a fixture on the UK high street, I worry the novelty will wear off and I'll be less inclined to visit.

Then there is product availability, with companies such as Kat Von D and Tarte having exclusivity within other stores, just how many of the brands us Brits turn to Sephora to snag, will actually be in-store? Then of course if we do get a few new beauty lines to trial and test, will we be stung with a high mark up? If that is the case you'll probably notice that there are less Sephora London "haul" posts and videos, opposed to Sephora locations elsewhere which doesn't necessarily have to be a negative thing but something to maybe anticipate none the less. Perhaps what I am trying to say - and not all that eloquently - is that Sephora in the UK won't be the Sephora we know to be true within the U.S, and as such expectations may have to be lowered?

Speculation and my bellyaching aside, I will add that I do think it is clever that of the brand to re-launch in London as it will quickly become a tourist attraction, and allow those who perhaps can't, or have no interest in leaving the UK to experience Sephora for themselves. I also hope that if Sephora does indeed come to London's Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre, that it is the first of many as we don't all live in England. I guess only time will tell.

So tell me, what are your thoughts about Sephora coming to the UK ? Hopefully they are slightly less whiny than mine ha!