YSL Black Opium Wild Eau de Parfum

We are reaching that time of the year in which we tend to pack our light, fruity scents of Summer neatly away for next year. You may be considering investing within a new, richer fragrance for the colder days of Autumn and Winter or dusting off a beloved bottle from years past?

I have a little stash of warming, comforting and crisp weather appropriate fragrances ready to go - a miniature library of scent based memories if you will - and taking pride of place is YSL Black Opium Wild Eau de Parfum. If you are familiar with YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum, then I am all but sure you'll need next to no convincing that a limited edition bottle of YSL Black Opium Wild Eau de Parfum belongs on your dresser - it is the same beloved notes presented within new and daring packaging. For those yet to discover the luxurious and hypnotic notes, now is the time to not only try the fragrance out for yourself but to own it presented within a collectors edition bottle too.

YSL Black Opium Wild Eau de Parfum, as mentioned above is YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum repackaged and as such there are no new notes to speak of. It is the same, rich, unusual and familiar scent that may have fragranced your coat from last Winter and beyond.

YSL Black Opium Wild Eau de Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum is dubbed a gourmand floral, and one that contains an unusual note of Black Coffee - a shot of adrenaline for the senses. This is combined with accents of white florals such as Jasmine - renowned for seductive qualities and Vanilla for a little sweetness and sensuality. In my opinion Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium is beyond sexy - it is alluring yet not overpowering, familiar thanks to the vanilla, yet different to any other vanilla based scent due to the black coffee and floral notes. It is truly beautiful and lingers on the skin all day long and not at all "candied" nor overly sweet. Yes it is very sensual - something I don't often seek nor find within vanilla based fragrances - but gentle enough to be comforting and dare I say cosy too. It has all the warmth I seek from an Autumn/Winter scent, all the while being original, youthful and easy to wear.

I can think of no better fragrance to mist on my multiple layers this coming Autumn, and recommend that if you have yet to find your own "cold weather signature scent", to try out YSL Black Opium Wild Eau de Parfum. It might be the little piece of magic your collection has been missing.

YSL Black Opium Wild Eau de Parfum 50ml/£66 - link.