Monday, August 08, 2016

Philosophy Pure Summer Grace Fragrance

Philosophy Pure Summer Grace Fragrance

I'm pretty vocal in stating that I am not a Summer person in the slightest; sure I enjoy the odd trip to the beach and being able to not wear a coat but typically speaking I prefer cooler, crisper weather. One thing I do like about the warmer seasons is the influx of soft, sun-lotion type fragrances that momentarily allow me to day dream about sunny locations, without considering a crammed long haul flight, frayed tempers and dodgy tan lines. If you are easily tempted by warm breezes, whiffs of coconut and hot weather, you will want to check out Philosophy Pure Summer Grace Fragrance while you can - yep, like all great beauty products this is another blink-and-you'll-miss-it limited edition launch.

Philosophy Pure Summer Grace Fragrance

In a world of overly fussy scents - both in presentation and note construction - Philosophy Pure Summer Grace Fragrance is a breath of fresh air. The simple-yet-classic bottle will appeal to most and the soft, almost-fruity scent should sit and wear well on just about everyone. In light of such admission, if you have a friend, and/or family member who enjoys fragrance, this is the ideal fuss-free gift. You are welcome in advance.

Philosophy Pure Summer Grace Fragrance

Initially I was tempted to compare Philosophy Pure Summer Grace to Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - they are similar just not identical - but Pure Summer is perhaps the softest, coconut based and altogether Summer centric scent of 2016 (trust me I've tested a good few!). In my opinion it smells a lot like tanning oil - warm, slightly fresh with a fruity kick, and of course a whole lot of coconut for good measure. What sets Pure Summer aside from other summer launches of this kind is the rich, base note of sandalwood paired with a slightly unusual hint of cocoa (yep chocolate) - the slightly obscure pairing results is a more-ish, warm, made for the beach infusion that stays put for hours on end and all without inducing a headache. If summer is but a memory and you need an instant pick me up, look no further.

As a parting note - no this does not ring reminiscent of the original Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance at all, this isn't comparable at all and as such, can not be dubbed as a Summer spin-off. Sorry.

Philosophy Pure Summer Grace Fragrance £33/60ml - link.

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