My TePe Interdental Brush Experience

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Very recently my dentist introduced me to TePe Interdental Brushes - small, soft brushes that you use in place of dental floss. As a gappy toothed gal, food, bacteria and of course plaque does quickly gather in those spaces between my teeth and can often be left behind by regular brushing alone. Yes I do floss but I find that the TePe Interdental Brushes to not only be gentler and easier to use, but on the whole far more effective.

My TePe Interdental Brush Experience

You see unlike floss, Tepe realise that not all gaps are equal and as such have created three variants of brushes soft, original and angled, all of which come in different sizes so that you can pick the correct brush for your needs. I say brush when in actual fact I use two different sizes and types: for the gaps in my front teeth I rely on an angled brush with the longer handle to get into a particularly difficult to clean area and for the rest of my mouth, I use the smaller original Tepe Interdental Brushes; as no two mouths are the same you may find you need to trial various sizes to find your perfect brush/es. A personal tip-come-past-experience is to go for a smaller brush head/size than you think you'll require - it will only result in irritated gums and pain, if you try to force a too big brush through the gaps in your teeth; or of course ask your dentist/oral hygienist to help you gauge what brush size would be best for you.

My TePe Interdental Brush Experience

Unlike dental floss, you can re-use your TePe brushes several times as long as you take the time to rinse and care for them. As they are affordable and I am a little (okay a lot) germaphobic, I do only use mine once and then disregard - however the choice is completely up to you.

My TePe Interdental Brush Experience

I am by no means a dentist nor expert but I do think we can all agree that we all have a vested interest in our teeth and would mostly likely admit to spending as much, if not more on teeth whitening, electric toothbrushes etc as we do general beauty products? If so, I think it only makes sense that the TePe Interdental Brushes quickly become an everyday staple within your beauty routine - as mentioned they are quick, affordable and in my opinion the best way to ensure that your properly brush your full mouth.  I can all but promise from the first use you will be hooked (if you aren't already) and wonder what you did before reaching for one of the bright, dinky brushes.

My TePe Interdental Brush Experience

Frequent visits to the dentist and of course the Internet at our fingertips does mean that we are all pretty savvy in regards to oral hygiene, however there are some dental tid-bits that may have passed you by - some really opened my eyes and changed how I brush my teeth no less:

1, Your toothbrush alone can miss up to 40% of your mouth when brushing - that's where TePe comes in.

2, Surprisingly you should wait up until 40 minutes after consuming acidic foods before brushing your teeth as such foods can soften the enamel, 40 minutes gives your mouth enough time to produce saliva to repair the teeth.

3, Some mouthwashes can actually stain the teeth - makes sure you always read the label and if in any doubt ask your dentist for advice.

The more you know huh?

I'll update you with my process with the TePe brushes after my next dentist appointment in six weeks time.

You can find a full list of TePe brush stockists here - link.

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