Tuesday, June 07, 2016

On Building a Custom MAC Eyeshadow Palette

On Building a Custom MAC Eyeshadow Palette

In case you have missed the recent price change, MAC eyeshadows - as in the re-fill pans - are currently only $6 (within the U.S). Now if you do the maths (and you know I have), that equates to a mere £4.15 per eyeshadow before tax - or tax free if purchased within the boundaries of the Duty Free counter at JFK airport, which is my intention. I mean four sterling pounds is such a steal and it would be nothing but rude to skip on such deal, well at least that is how I am justifying the shopping trip in my head.

As the above photo all but dictates, I have not purchased MAC eyeshadows in quite some while; the allure - and dare I say value before the current price change - diminished with the onslaught of each monthly limited edition launch, and as such it has been quite some while since I have frequented my local MAC counter for eyeshadow pans. However when you are tempted with what most would deem to be higher end eyeshadows for a bargain basement price, it is simply too much for a beauty junkie such as myself to pass up on.

So yeah I'm a little out the MAC loop, overwhelmed if you will but determined to have a custom palette of my own once again. Yes I could hit Google and pour over countless swatches which in someway is helpful but nothing really sells a product to me more, than when a fellow make-up addict raves about it. Y'know that eyeshadow/s that you reach for almost daily over all else. That one - or couple - of eyeshadows that you want to force into the hands of every person you meet and constantly replace due to usage? Well those are the shades I want you to recommend to me, this is your chance to enable me and steer your favourite eyeshadow into my hands and on to my eye lids...or something like that.

I highly doubt that I will purchase 12 eyeshadows after one visit to the counter, rather I plan on curating my own neutral selection of shades over the next few months, rather than being recklessly impulsive. So far I have settled on Bronze (or Amber Lights I can't quite make my mind up), Soft Brown and Nylon - what else would you recommend or add to your dream palette?

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