Friday, June 03, 2016

My 48Hour Antibacterial Odour Protection Challenge

Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection Review

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I'm not sure where the sudden burst of sunshine has come from (nor am I complaining) but it is here and if the weatherman is to be believed, here to stay. Now don't get me wrong who doesn't enjoy a little added Vitamin D and the opportunity to leave your winter coat at home but the current temperatures are not really in my favour when it comes to exercising (I've just began running...well attempting at least), nor being stuffed onto public transport. Hello body odour.

Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection Review

Yes sweating is a normal and very much needed bodily function but I'm sure we could all agree that the stench body odour brings is something we could all do without? Did you know that over 10million bacteria live in your underarm alone? Pretty mind blowing huh? To reduce body odour from forming in the first place, your best form of defence is to reduce the bacteria, which believe it or not is easily done with a good anti-perspirant. A great and new option is Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection - this  not only comes in two forms: roll-on and a classic spray on variant but two wonderful scents; one for women (bright, light and fruity with notes of mandarin, lemon and grapefruit) and one for men (rich and aromatic with herbal notes, bergamont and a hint of lavender).

What I like about Sure Women Antibacterial Odour Protection is that it is so comfortable to wear and of course easy to use apply - I simply roll on and go, no fuss, no mess and no additional steps within my routine. In the past certain deodorants have not only resulted in a rashes (which bacteria may to account for) but also a general sticky aftermath, so this was a breathe of fresh air. Even more impressive is the fact that even after a full day of city slicking, and a run (okay jog) in the humid evening Sun, there was not a trace of body odour nor did I feel anything less than fresh which has more than cemented this product's place in my every day routine. Yay to having 90% less bacteria clinging to my armpits than without use.

Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection Review

Spurred on by the success of Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection I decided to eliminate other forms of bacteria from my life - in a safe and practical way of course. I replaced all the hand soaps in my bathroom and kitchen with antibacterial options and made the time to wash all my make-up brushes with an anti-bacterial cleanser, I'm not sure it will have quite the same impact on my life as Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection has but I'm sure my skin will thank me in the long run.

You can find Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection nationwide within the UK with prices starting at £1! I can all but guarantee it will quickly become your Summer beauty essential.

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