Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Marc Jacob Splashes

Marc Jacob Splashes Review

There's nothing like Summer to separate the deodorant wearers from those who choose to skip such step; I'm somewhat joking, well unless public transport is involved then for the love is all that holy please slick on a little deodorant. Please. The other problem - well as far as smells go - is sticky, strong, sickly fragrances, yes you want to smell sweet but not if a headache is the end result. Well Marc Jacobs have the perfect Summer (or everyday) solution in their four newly re-launched splash fragrances.

Marc Jacob Splashes Review

Before I share a few thoughts on two of the four Marc Jacob Splashes I was kindly gifted (don't worry I'll be purchasing the other two scents because I'm a sucker for a full house), can we just focus on the utterly beautiful and sophisticated presentation of the Splashes? The large, clear and somewhat chunky bottles, coupled with the subtly tinted elixir inside and gentle flashes of white and black packaging just oozes sophistication. Admittedly the large and slightly weighty bottles may not be the most ideal option for travel but you will want to display the bottles with pride; I mean imagine a shelf with all four bottles neatly lined up, ready for use when you are. That's my current daydream at least.

Marc Jacob Splashes Review
Marc Jacob Splashes Review

I'm guessing no normal person will swoop into the House of Fraser (in terms of beauty habits, I am so far removed from normal) and purchase all four fragrances and as each scent option is so different, be it sweet, clean, aquatic or slightly fruity there is something for nearly everyone and two of the scents are entirely unisex too. If you are a fan of soft, clean fragrances then I can not recommend Marc Jacobs Cotton Splash Eau de Toilette enough; the gentle notes of peach, lily and white suede mingle together to create an airy, almost-there scent - think of crisp Spring afternoons, freshly washed linen and white duvets, and you won't go far wrong. For those looking for something a little more sweet and fruit based, may I usher you towards Marc Jacobs Pear Splash Eau de Toilette; forget what you know about fruity scents and embrace the unexpected thanks to notes of Pear, Gin and Amber accords. For me it captures the joy and ease of a warm Summer spent at the beach be that home or abroad.

The Marc Jacobs Splashes won't be around for ever, sadly all four scents are limited edition so you'll have to be quick. You can find all four via Debenhams here - link.

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