Friday, May 20, 2016

The Luxe Brushes That Won't Break the Bank

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brushes Review

Gone are the days in which our only requirement from beauty tools is to flawlessly apply make-up products, now we demand that they look pretty in photos and on our dressing tables too - it's all about the ascetics these days huh? Not so long ago pretty and functional came with a high price tag, and more often than not you simply had to sacrifice one for the other; well until Zoeva put their stamp on the beauty tool world that is - namely their Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury set which set heartrates soaring globally. Zoeva brush sets on the whole are affordable but now they are a little more accessible due to the launch of Zoeva individual brushes - now you can pick and choose which brushes you want, rather than making do with a ready made set.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brushes Review

Despite lusting after the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury set for over a year (I will most likely treat myself soon), I have yet to make the purchase as I don't really need two or more of the same brush. I do however have two of the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury brushes and all but fell in love instantly. What Instagram and blog photos don't quite show is just how pretty the pink brush steams and rose gold ferrules are in real life - hashtag no filter. Luckily along with looking exceptionally beautiful they are high performance brushes that will last several years if cared for correctly.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brushes Review
Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brushes Review

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxe Petite Crease Brush 230 (£8.99) - I'm not the best at blending out eyeshadow and need all the help I can get; I use crease brushes both for placement of product and to gently blend and diffuse eyeshadow. As with most things in life, I am pretty demanding and need any crease brush to be soft yet firm, perfectly tapered and dense - all of which the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxe Petite Crease Brush happens to be and under £10 too! If you like to blend a little eyeshadow on the lower eye area and/or create a fuss free smoky eye this is the brush you need.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brushes Review
Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brushes Review

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxe Crease Brush 228 (£8.99) - Everyone needs a great blending brush, a soft and large, fluffy brush that will gently soften any harsh eyeshadow lines. This is the brush that will do all the leg work for you and make you feel like a professional, even if you are not. The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxe Crease Brush 228 is tapered and on the flimsy side which may sound negative but for diffusing harsh lines there couldn't be anything more ideal.

Yes there is more to life than perfectly blended eyeshadow and a pretty Instagram feed but admit it both things are on your to conquer list?

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