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Despite numerous attempts, I will willingly raise my (dry)hands and say that I have been neglecting my general health as well as the skin on my body; with the calendar constantly reminding me that Summer is on it's way - as is a trip to NYC - it is time I began to take care both inside and out. Luckily Aveeno where at hand to give me that much needed push towards not only better skin, but healthier eating habits too.

Due to eczema I am no stranger to Aveeno products (namely the facial SPF and shampoo) - the fragrance free and gentle options really do soothe my skin (the power of oats) and all without burning a huge hole in my pocket. To ensure that every inch of me is perfectly softened and catered to, I have been sent a pack of top to toe Aveeno products (and lots of great healthy skin tips), chosen by Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Shefalo Rajpopat to put to the test over the next week. I am most excited by the Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil - doesn't that just sound divine? I will of course give you a full run down of my experiences with the Aveeno Hand Cream (so far I'm loving the non-greasy texture), Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion (an old and firm favourite of mine) and the Aveeno Body Wash (gentle yet deep cleansing).

Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge

Admittedly trying new beauty products is what I do best - it is my job after all - taking the time to eat well? Not so much. I have however vowed to stick to the Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge of eating well, armed with the beautifully and nutritious recipes created by the creator of Honestly Healthy, Natasha Corrett - think home-made Avocado Butter and Chickpea burgers, yeah suddenly this doesn't seem so challenging after all. I truly can not wait to show you what I've been eating and to post my first ever attempts at recipe cards - it should be interesting to say the least ha!

They say little changes, all add up to a big change don't they? If I come out of the Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge with soft, supple and nourished skin and a new attitude towards healthy eating I've won haven't I? 

Wish me luck and do pop back in a week to read all about my full experience.

You can find out more at AVEENO® UK and Ireland Facebook, and you can keep up with - and join in should you wish - my Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #AveenoInsideOat.

- As mentioned at the start of this article, this is a sponsored post.