Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jo Malone Rare Teas Collection

Jo Malone Rare Tea Oolong Tea Cologne Review

Forget what you know about luxury fragrance as Jo Malone are about to change the landscape forever with the launch of the Jo Malone Rare Teas collection. Six luxury fragrances that have been inspired by China, Japan and the Himalayas and of coursevarious tea blends. You don't have to like tea or caffeine to enjoy the collective, all you need is an open mind, a love for fragrance and a hefty bank account - at £240 a bottle the Jo Malone Rare Tea colognes do not come cheap.

Jo Malone Rare Tea Oolong Tea Cologne Review

As you may have noticed the Jo Malone Rare Teas Collection have a very different style of packaging compared to the original and beloved Jo Malone Colognes; not only is the bottle super-sized but the lid and general style is slightly more sleek. Such move is not by accident, rather it is to set the Jo Malone Rare Tea Colognes aside from other fragrances and the core Jo Malone scents - a collection with a collection if you will. Personally I think the new style of bottle - that is exclusive to the the tea scents - has a certain old school charm, it looks and feels expensive. This is a bottle you will treasure and display, all of which adds to the entire experience.

Despite being a new launch, Jo Malone Rare Teas Collection is fairly expansive with six new colognes to chose from or collect should you have won a small fortune in the last few weeks. The scents range from gentle, soft and almost aquatic splashes such as Silver Needle Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Jade Leaf Tea to more intense, evening ready and use sparingly colognes like Oolong Tea to Midnight Black Tea and Golden Needle Tea. I personally haven't tried all six scents to comment on the notes but if they are anything like Jo Malone Oolong Tea Cologne count me in. As a side note I have seen a few concerns in regards to the scent sillage due to the sheer size of the bottle (175ml), from my experience they are as strong as your typical Jo Malone Cologne - in fact some pack as mighty as the Jo Malone Cologne Intense scents.

Jo Malone Rare Tea Oolong Tea Cologne Review

Jo Malone Oolong Tea Cologne is sweet yet velvety smooth and rich, at times it rings richly floral wit a buttery leather kick and at others it is almost reminiscent of a warming cognac - either way it is familiar, the height of luxury and almost like a hug in a bottle. It is one of those rare (no pun intended) scents that you really have to try for yourself to fully understand and of course fall in love with. Until then I leave you with the note composition: tonka bean, hay, cacao pod, honey, tobacco and of course Oolong Tea - sweet yet intense. I've not tested the others yet (I will pop in-store soon) but I've already decided this is my favourite.

The Jo Malone Rare Teas Collection will launch later this month and cost £240/175ml each.


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  1. Sounds right up my street.. But that that price-tag I may have to be satisfied with regular trips to test in-store!

  2. These don't look like the regular Jo Malone perfumes but I kinda like that. The price tag is a bit of a blow though x

    Wonky Lauren

  3. Ughh this sounds amazing, shame it's so expensive.

  4. Maybe when I win the lottery. But then I will have all of Tom Fords and all of these, in a row, in my mansion lol. #goals.

  5. Yikes, that price tag! I guess I'll be passing by Jo Malone a lot more often just to try out these scents :-)

    According to Mimi


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