Are Scented Candles a Risk to Your Health?

Another week, another health scare; this time around we have been inundated with reports that scented candles - as luxurious as they may be - might be detrimental to our health. As I stare at my pretty array of candles, all stacked neatly upon my mantle place, I can't help but think it all might be a little far fetched, can they really be all that dangerous?

Of course there is the obvious naked flame element - a danger should it fall into the wrong hands, or hazardous if knocked over, but as most of us will be responsible candle connoisseurs this is not what the reports are highlighting. Rather it turns out that any naked flame - candle or not - releases a minute level of Carbon Monoxide. I must stress that it is not enough to kill you, nor has it been proven to cause any lasting damage but it is worth noting. Or maybe we should be worried about Paraffin based candles; when such candle is lit, it releases carcinogens (any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer) which may be enough to snuff out the priciest and most heavenly scented candle.

Are Scented Candles a Risk to Your Health?

Before you hastily disregard your bath-time mood lighting here are a few ways you can enjoy the additional ambiance from a scented candle, all without compromising your health. When burning a candle ensure that the room is well ventilated, that way you will inhale as little toxins as possible - just do not place the candle in the direct path of a breeze or near anything flammable. It also may be time to pay attention to what your candle is composed of and skip Paraffin based purchases, in their place seek Soya based candle bases - they burn far cleaner (goodbye carcinogens) and are kinder on your lungs in more ways than one.

If the above news has completely shaken you and you vow to never purchase another candle again you could go down the natural route and burn white sage and other herbs? Or stock up on luxurious reed diffusers. 

Now go forth and scent your home.