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An At Home Spa Experience with Champneys #AD

An At Home Spa Experience with Champneys

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At the moment I feel like I rush from one place to the next, with barely any time to grab a sandwich let alone pamper myself. As much as I enjoy visiting a Spa for a head to toe pamper session - and I really do - I often find myself feeling that the experience could be enriched with a few home comforts such as snacks, my favourite TV show and my comfiest pyjamas. This weekend, I promised myself that I would turn off my phone (and laptop), make a jug of cucumber water just like you would find at any reputable Spa, fully pamper myself with a few Champneys bath and body products, and create my own Spa experience in the comfort of my lounge.

An At Home Spa Experience with Champneys

After a long Winter and a little neglect on my part, my skin just about everywhere is parched and a little uncomfortable. Fortunately I was sent two products designed to cater to dried out skin all the while being luxe and utterly affordable - what more could you ask?

Before I say my thoughts on Champneys A Well Earned Treat Cloud Nine Indulgent Body Oil and Champneys Good as New Harmonious Hand and Nail Cream, can we quickly touch on the new style of packing? Isn't it pretty and super modern, sometimes at home pampering products can be a little soulless and presented within fairly boring tubes and bottles, not the Champneys range - it is bold, pretty and attention grabbing. This is not a range you will ignore.

An At Home Spa Experience with Champneys

Slowly but surely I have come around to massages, however other than finding them relaxing I don't really reap too many benefits, For an at home massage that not only transforms the skin but will leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated, you simply must try the Champneys A Well Earned Treat Cloud Nine Indulgent Body Oil (£8/150ml). The indulgent notes of plum, vanilla and orange hint at just how fabulous this oil will be - the scent offers a little aromatherapy to please the soul, where as the rich and deeply nourishing oil softens and soothes the skin. For the ultimate at home Spa experience I recommend spritzing this all over your body, massaging into the skin using circular movements and inhaling the beautiful aroma. Bliss. This non-sticky and quite to absorb oil will leave you feeling transformed and renewed both inside and out.

An At Home Spa Experience with Champneys

So now you've taken care of your body what next? While you are binge watching your favourite TV show why not take 10 minutes out and give your hands (and maybe even your feet) the extra TLC they deserve. Champneys Good as New Harmonious Hand and Nail Cream (£3/40ml) is a light yet deeply hydrating hand cream that sets to work to instantly soften and soothe the skin. Take the time to really massage this into the hands and enjoy the experience as well as the beautiful aroma of chamomile, orange, mandarin - it will restore the mind and uplift, while vitamins A, C, E and B5 renew and pamper your hands. If that is enough it also contains an SPF of 15 to protect the skin from future damage. The perfect at home treat that is dinky enough to pop in your handbag for an on-the-go treatment.

If you are feeling a little run down and neglected, pick up the above Champneys products and let the Spa come to you. Staying in is the new going out after all.

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  1. The body oil sounds so luxurious! I can imagine the smell could be something I'd absolutely love.


  2. I've been needing a new body oil... this sounds right up my alley!

    1. The body oil she mentioned is really nice! I love it. You won't regret picking it up! Enjoy! :)

  3. Ooooh they sound so lovely ! Another thing to add to my ever growing wishlist !

  4. I have the shower foams from this range and absolutely love them! a little really does go a long way, and all the smells are incredible! I love the green & yellow one!


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