Monthly Blogger Advertisement Spaces

Recently the two most frequently asked questions within my comments and inbox are: where is your white pineapple dish from and do you offer advertisement space for fellow bloggers. Now I do reply to all reader emails so if you've asked either question you'll have hopefully recieved a quick note or two, however blogger comments do not inform readers when the site owner has replied. Annoying I know.

Monthly Blogger Advertisement Spaces

So rather than have you searching through reams of comments let me quickly answer both questions:

The Pineapple Dish - the little white plate-come-dish I use in photos fairly frequently is from Paperchase, sadly at the moment it does not seem to be online but may well be in-store. It's exact name is the Mercato large pineapple plate should you want to query it or of course run a quick Google search. My gold pineapple plate is from H&M and can be found here for £6.50 - link. Both stores online and physical are great, affordable stops for blog props and general home ware pieces.

Blogger/local business ad spaces - I do indeed no offer ad spaces for bloggers and small business on a 28 day basis. You can even select what day you wish your advert to begin on. You can view the rates and further details here - link and of course drop me a line (please use the subject line ad info so it doesn't go to spam) for further details.

I hope that clears the two most burning questions up and as always if there is anything else you want to know, feel free to write me a comment, tweet or email!