What is Your Favourite Make-Up Brush Ever

I feel make-up brushes are often talked about but never really all that raved about, sure we see the odd review here and there but it is very seldom I see a stop-everything-you-need-this-brush kinda post? I get it, I really do, in the grand scheme of things beauty tools aren't all that exciting and truthfully can be fairly difficult to write about, and yet we rely upon them for the most part every single day. With this in mind, I wanted to open up the comments and ask what is your favourite make-up brush of all time - perhaps it is now a little beaten and abused but I want to hear about the brush you wouldn't part despite new releases twisting your arm.

For me it is the Real Techniques Blush Brush - a large, fluffy, domed and super soft brush that changed the way I apply cheek products forever. Believe it or not, I now have three of this very brush as I use it to not only apply blush but also powder highlighters and bronzer too. The tapered tip of this soft brush revolutionised how I approached cheek products; before then I was known for being a little heavy handed and as such often looked freshly slapped around the face, rather than delicately flushed.

The shape, the size and the bristles all contribute to a user friendly experience - yes, even with the most pigmented of products. Simply put, as the brush is not flat nor dense, it doesn't pick up an abundance of powder and as such the overall finish is more subtle - no chunky contour stripes nor overly rosy cheeks. It also doesn't hurt that the soft style of this brush does not do well under extreme force nor pressure; if I lean too heavily on any of my Real Techniques Blush Brushes the bristles give way and splay meaning no product goes on my face. If anything it has re-trained my hand and changed my application habits, now how many brushes can you say that about?

I do also want to give a honourable mention to the Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush, soft yet firm and due to the size of the brush precision application has never been easier. This is the highlighter brush I've been raving about for weeks. I also thoroughly enjoy MAC's 217 Blending Brush but then again who doesn't? A soft, easy to use blending brush that tackles even the harshest of eyeshadow lines - a make-up bag must have if ever there was one.

Now over to you, what is the one (or more) make-up brush/es that you simply can not be without?

As a side note you can find the above mentioned brushes here:
- Real Techniques Blush Brush via Feel Unique for £9.99 - link.
- Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush via Feel Unique for £14.25 - link.