What is Your Favourite Mascara Ever

Over the last weekend, I was ruthless and cleared out my eye make-up drawer. I said goodbye to all my un-loved palettes, less than favoured eye liners and all that is in-between and one fact was glaringly obvious - I am not loyal to any particular mascara.

As a beauty blogger I do have the excuse that I am purchasing the latest Mascara to touch down in Boots under the guise of research but that couldn't be further from the truth. It is just that, an excuse; I am fickle - all those half used, dried up tubes now in the recycling bin are testament to such admission. Sure I have discovered Mascaras that I would happily repurchase and recommend to a friend but I am forever on the search for the "next best thing".

My real problem is that I have pretty poor eyelashes to begin with: blonde, flimsy, poker straight and a little sparse, there probably are very few Mascara's out there that could really live up to my expectations, all things considered of course. In an ideal world, my dream mascara would be blacker than coal, beyond waterproof (my oily skin pretty much destroys most formulations), flake and smudge free, not prone to clumping and provide noticeable length and volume - I'm not asking for much now am I?

Well yes, apparently I am, well at least in my experience. The real problem I find with most Mascara's is that they weigh down my already sub-par eyelashes, which then leads to them not being able to hold a curl and of course clumps aplenty; add smudging and smearing due to oily skin and you can see why I am eternally on the hunt for a new and impressive mascara.

As I have yet to win the lottery (fingers crossed), I don't want to continually waste money looking for the one, I am turning to you in my moment of need. What is your favourite mascara ever and why, or perhaps you know someone with similar eyelashes to myself (LOL at catagorising eyelashes) and could maybe recommend a mascara that may be what I have been searching high and low for.

Help a gal out...