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Melvita Rose Nectar Collection

Melvita Rose Nectar Collection

The day of love may be a distant memory but there is no escaping the current onslaught of Rose scented and enriched products. As a huge Rose fan I am in no way complaining, rose is such a powerful and timeless ingredient - the more Rose based products the merrier as far as I am concerned. If I could recommend one new and exciting floral launch it would be the - Melvita Rose Nectar Collection. A line up of four wonderfully formulated (three types of wild rose and rose water) products that are worthy of a place within your shower.

Melvita Rose Nectar Collection

Melvita Hydrating Body Veil £15/200ml - link.
Typically speaking I am a body oil kinda gal, I do like body lotions, creams and butters but the instant gratification of a body oil is hard to beat. Having said that the Melvita Hydrating Body Veil is one of the few non-oil bases body moisturisers I have a lot of time for. The silken, lightweight texture is beyond hydrating, yet not at all greasy, quick to dry and of course smells great - a rich, mature yet not stuffy floral explosion that you would be hard pushed not to enjoy. As a side note this of course can double up as a hand cream.

Melvita Rose Nectar Collection

Melvita Rose Petal Shower Gel £13/250ml - link
In all honesty, there is not much I can really say about this shower gel, other than it gently cleanses without stripping the skin of moisture, smells great and can be used as a shampoo and/or bubble bath. Unlike other shower gels Melvita Rose Petal Shower Gel contains no soap, making it perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types. If you are a fan of Rose scented products, shower or otherwise this is one you will want to treat yourself to.

Melvita Rose Nectar Collection

Melvita 3 Roses Nectar £10/8g - link
I don't know about you but I really enjoy multi-purpose products - a do it all balm that can be slipped inside a pocket, ready to take care of any dry skin is something I can more than get on board with. The new Melvita 3 Roses Nectar is a nifty, ultra-repairing balm that gently nourishes, moisturises and protects the skin. Yes it has been created to be used as a lip balm but as this is non-greasy it can be applied anywhere, and everywhere on the body that is requires a quick hit of moisture. I liken this a little to a more affordable version of By Terry Baume de Rose, the texture is a little different (Melvita 3 Roses Nectar is firmer) but otherwise they serve a similar purpose and smell almost identical.

Melvita Rose Nectar Collection

Melvita Wild Roses Eau de Toilette £36/50ml - link
If you aren't a huge fan of bath and body products but really enjoy luxurious Rose based fragrances, the new Melvita Wild Roses Eau de Toilette is a must-try. This slightly powdery come smoky Rose centric fragrance contains no less than three types of Roses: wild Roses picked at dawn in Drôme, the Vercors and Chile, combined with Rose Water for a hint of freshness a woody base of foliage. I'm in no way saying that Melvita Wild Roses Eau de Toilette is identical to Stella by Stella McCartney but in some ways they are similar - basically if you like one, you'll like the other. I realise that such statement is only helpful if you have of course tried Stella, otherwise seek this out if you enjoy deeper and long wearing Rose scents.

Is this a collection you will be checking out?

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  1. I'm such a sucker for Melvita.I have around 10 their products <3

    Their oils are amazing <3

  2. these look lovely, i especially like the look of the hydrating veil. Looks like my kind of time-saving product!

    Trona @ Aye Lined

  3. These all sound lovely. I love anything rose scented x

    Wonky Lauren

  4. I tried a sample of melvita before it became known and I love it, might purchase these myself 😊


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