Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Another New Candle Brand to Become Acquainted With

Evermore London Peony and Peppermint Candle Review

As many will have come to know, I more than enjoy home fragrance and welcome an introduction to any brand - new or otherwise. New on my radar and perhaps yours too is, Evermore London - a beautiful, simplistic range of scents for the home, all of which have been inspired by nature and hand poured. If honest, straight forward design aesthetics and scents are your calling, Evermore London is the brand you have been waiting for.

Evermore London Peony and Peppermint Candle Review

I realise Valentine's Day is now a distinct memory but when a candle smells this good you will forgive me for being a little tardy. To mark such special occasion Evermore London teamed up with gift box specialists Darley Avenue, to create the wonderful, Evermore London Peony and Peppermint Candle. A refined mint based floral scent that is utterly irresistible and in my opinion deserving of not only a place within your home, but also permanent status within this brands niche fragrance line up.

I would best describe Evermore London Peony and Peppermint Candle as Spring personified: fresh, floral and bright. The mint note helps to uplift and refresh not only the senses but also the room it is burned within, oddly I would describe the hint of mint as cooling and almost aquatic. The gentle almost powdery Peony note, calms and compliments the minty accent and helps create a relaxing ambience - it truly is extraordinary and you need to try it for yourself.

Evermore London Peony and Peppermint Candle Review

I should also add that along with coming presented within a beautiful, sleek white tin that you can of course re-purpose, all Evermore London Candles are formulated with soy wax and essential oils. The end result is a clean burn with a high scent throw, what more could you wish for?

Evermore London Peony and Peppermint Candle £24 via Evermore London - link.

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  1. I can't wait to give Evermore a try!

  2. I'm always up for more candles! I really like the packaging of this one x

    Wonky Lauren

  3. Just a bit of friendly advice. You use the word "simplistic" a lot. I don't think it means what you think it means. It does not mean the same thing as "simple." Simplistic has a negative connotation and means something is OVERSIMPLIFIED. As in, something important has been left out, and it's never meant as a compliment.

    1. Noted and thank you, you are right I do overuse it and not always in the correct sense. Every day is a school day ha :)


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