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10 Frugal February Ideas

10 Frugal February Ideas

So February, another month of tightening our belts and counting down to the return of a little sunshine. I do somewhat enjoy the Winter season but feel a little break from the currently dismal weather would be most welcomed, as would a splurge in my local beauty hall. Since neither are on the horizon any time soon, here are a few tips and tricks to make saving money a little easier this Frugal February.

1, Instead of purchasing any new beauty products make do with what you have and finally use up all of those half used items you have lying around - you honestly can not beat the satisfaction of hitting pan. That or I lead an extremely dull existence.

2, Set aside a day and clear out your beauty stash, you may be surprised at what long-lost lipstick or blush you may find? I also find a good ol' clear out really motivates me in terms of blogging and helps to provide me with new post ideas. Try it, you'll be surprised.

3, Sell or pass on, those in-date yet lightly used beauty products that you know you will never go back to. Who doesn't enjoy extra space and/or extra cash.

4, Return those empty pots (MAC, Lush, Khiels etc) back to the respective stores and claim your free beauty products. Free is free after all and if on a spending ban you are technically breaking the rules - loopholes are there for a reason *wink,wink*.

5, Have a beauty swap party - get around all your best buddies, pop all your lightly used and sanitised beauty products on a table and shop each others stashes. Fun!

6, Finally put to use that "brave" lipstick/eyeshadow/blush choice you made a few months ago but have yet to pluck up the courage to apply. Who knows you may just kick yourself for not trying it out sooner.

7, Make February the month in which you use up all the mini fragrance and skincare products, you have most likely collected over the last few months. I have found many a staple fragrance and eye cream this way.

8, Use beauty products in new ways - cream eyeshadows as liquid liners, bronzers as eyeshadows and so on. Don't get stuck in a rut.

9, Why not use any spare time to learn a new beauty skill? YouTube has pretty much a tutorial for anything, just think in four short weeks you could be Queen/King of contouring!

10, Take a long hard look at your beauty collection and figure out where you need/want to spend money next. If you have 10 half used foundations and a plethora of nude lipsticks is it really worth investing in another?

I hope this helps and yes I too am currently cutting back on what I purchase, I want to travel more and that becomes a little tricky when 95% of your cash flow goes towards make-up...whoops.
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  1. Totally never knew you could return empty pots to anywhere other than Lush! What a brilliant idea!

    Grace | eat, write + explore x

  2. Totally agree. Ever since I wrote my Project Pan post I have really been trying to concentrate on the things I want to use rather than buy. I have also been trying to save up for things I really want. So I have put a ban on boots/superdrug spending as this is where I tend to impulse buy on things I don't actually want/need.

    I have found really focusing on saving for things I really want (new palette or new foundation, perfume etc) really stops me from buying things I don't need! So I am doing Frugal February, but only so I can buy a new foundation and concealer in March lol

  3. Such sensible and yet so right tips.

    You wouldn't believe the amount of samples and mini products that I have accumulated. I keep saving them for trips, but lets be serious, will I use them all on a single trip? Will I take many when I usually decant things? ;)

  4. I've thought of selling makeup I don't want or us! Great idea!

    Mel |

  5. I have so much makeup that I hardly use, I need to be a lot more judicious about what I purchase!

  6. Great post and great ideas! I always find myself using the same beauty products over and over again, and I tend to forget the other products I have lying at the back of my drawer that I rarely use but still love! Definitely trying to get back into other make-up products that I used to use non-stop! xx

    Ciara Rose |

  7. These are some useful tips! I'm definitely going to try some. I'm getting married in September so the amount I could save in not buying makeup would pay for the wedding of my dreams haha xx

  8. I love this, these are great! I definitely need to cut back and not spend for a little bit! In January I bought SO much makeup.. I can definitely survive for a little bit lol!

  9. Ooooh I love the sound of that beauty swap party! These are such fab ideas - I'm going to *try* and not buy any makeup this month, so hopefully these tips will help

    Steph -

  10. These tips are spot on. They seem like they should be common sense, but it's so easy to forget all of it when enraptured with new makeup products in stores.

    Lumière & Lens

  11. I was going to try and be really great and not purchase any makeup for a while, but then I realized I could redeem some points today and bought the new Lancome cream blush. I always love your posts on what to post about; they're perfect for when we get into a rut.

    Katherine || The Green Bows

  12. I love this! Right now I really need to stop buying eyeshadow palettes, and probably spend more time actually learning how to do eyeshadow properly! I've also got a shocking pink lipstick I might try out more often. Thanks hun xox

  13. You should start doing Empties posts - they're some of my favourites, I totally agree with how satisfying it can be finishing something up! Especially blushes and eyeshadows which seem to last forever!

  14. So true, I could definitely shop my stash this month and save lots of money! Great post :) xo Kelly

  15. Such good ideas. I've been meaning to sort through my makeup for a while x

    Wonky Lauren

  16. You gave us good idea. Actually I did it and it worked a lot for me. Thanks for sharing it! =)

  17. This is a great post! I've been on a beauty no-buy since the start of the new year and it is not easy - totally agree with looking through your own stash I recently found a blush that was still in its packaging!!

  18. Loved this - I need all the frugal hacks I can get at the mo!

  19. I definitely need to do a clear-out! I'm on a spending ban for February so I'm keeping a little diary of it to put in a blog post :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  20. Love this!!
    I've been redoing my beauty area recently and really taken notice that I don't need ANYTHING else for about 10 years!!!
    Started to have a good clear out but you've given me so many more ideas now. Love the swap party point, great idea ;)
    Totally didn't know that Kiehls did a return empties option :o
    Gillian  xx


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