As you may have noticed The Sunday Girl has underwent a virtual face lift, out with the old and in with a shiny-new design (which also looks great on mobile devices if I do say so myself). A layout that is hopefully as pleasing on the eye as it is easy to use - I personally adore the new set up and hope you do too?

I've also finally dragged my butt kicking and screaming into 2016, with a weekly newsletter (I feel so pro-fesh now) which you can sign up to receive at the bottom of the site. I promise that said weekly delivery will not be of the spam-my kind, rather it will be a hand-picked selection of the best posts from the last seven days and general beauty news, straight to your mail box. The first instalment will be heading out this coming Sunday, fancy huh?

New additions aside, I am looking for input and not just in regards to the design - by all means, I am all ears if anything is difficult to navigate, if the newsletter is overbearing or for instance, if the font is too small/the site takes too long to load etc. Basically a heads up of anything that isn't as it should be; y'know the little niggly things that I as this blog's author may overlook - I'm sure you know how it is?

I also want to know what you want to read about? I'm very guilty of being self-indulgent (I guess blogging on the whole could some what be labelled as such) and don't always take into consideration what posts readers would like to see? I've been slacking on the review front and do have a lot of new products to share in the coming days but what else do you want to see? If ever you wanted to submit a post request the time is now - well, that isn't true I'd take on-board any suggestion at any time but you get where I am coming from. Hit me with it - I will be reading (and replying) to all comments tonight so let me at those suggestions.

P.S. I do apologise in advance, there will be six new posts today. This is to ensure my new photo slider works properly but to level things out, I promise to hold back on Sunday, and of course re-turn to a more normalised posting schedule come Monday.