Monday, January 18, 2016

My Favourite Candle Ever

Bath and Body Works Black Tie Candle

I have an obscene amount of candles, more than any normal person could ever require and it has been that way for as long as I can recall. As a young teen, I used to stock up on cheap Italian scented candles using the money I earned while working at the weekends - I worked next door to an Italian deli that oddly stocked home fragrance and the best lemon squares you ever did taste. Then when I went to college, each month I'd treat myself to a large Yankee Jar and feel like I was ballin' - £20 is a lot when you are a broke student. Now when I'm feeling flush I call into Diptyque, Jo Malone and Tom Daxon (the latter you may not be familiar with but trust me when I say you will be come the end of 2016), but one candle I will always have a special place in my heart for is Bath and Body Works Black Tie.

Bath and Body Works are a bizarre brand, they don't really have a true core collection as such, and will often launch identical scents under the different guises. Don't get me wrong, I adore BB&W but it is not a company I would blind buy from even if I had the means to here in the UK, through fear of purchasing the same candle in different packaging ten times over. When I visited the States in October BB&W Black Tie was being sold in NYC packaging, the year before that it was decked out to compliment New Years Eve and currently it is not available online or in-store - sods law.

However if you do find yourself in Bath and Body Works any time soon, seek out Black Tie. It is not a scent you will see or hear the employees rave about, nor is it a candle that has received YouTube acclaim but trust me when I say it is an unsung hero. A beautiful, almost masculine, aftershave-esque (in a Tom Ford sense no less) tinged scent that is gentle, clean and hold on your hats - sexy. Yes really, have you ever experienced a home fragrance that is just so good that you would wear it if you could? Well for me that very scent is Bath and Body Works Black Tie - the sophisticated notes of Green Sage, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean, come together to create a grown up yet never stuffy fragrance that I promise you will never tire of.

The real test of my dedication is just how many Bath and Body Works Black Tie candles have I depleted in the last few years? No less than 10. I stock up and pretty much emerge myself in the hazy fragrance all year round - I really should get a hobby huh?

Promise me this, if you do stumble across Bath and Body Works Black Tie any time soon, you'll at least pick up the jar and inhale the scent?
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  1. Sounds like such an interesting scent! I can't wait to drop some cash in a bath & body woks sometime soon!
    I'll certainly check this one out!
    Gillian xx

  2. I have a crazy amount of candles too! But I've never seen this one- I'll have to try it out because it sounds like a scent I've never really had as a candle before:) lovely post x

  3. This sounds like it smells sooo good, plus the NYC packaging is gorgeous!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  4. ooh that looks really good I love candles

  5. This sounds like a different and interesting scent. I really wish B&BW would come to the UK so I could mass buy! I also love the NYC print on the jar as well. I need to up my candle game and try some different ones as at the moment I'm restricted to Yankee candles and supermarket brands only.


  6. My old boss used to travel with candles! They were her escape since she travelled 90% of the time. Would love to buy this one for her! :)



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