Origins Feel Good Candle

In my household we have festive traditions; traditions that as a young child I didn't really appreciate but now that I am a little older, I do think they help make the season a little more magical. For instance we never purchase a real tree (young children and pets don't bode well with such sharp objects) and of course it is not exactly economical. Our admittedly rather pretty, artificial tree doesn't get dusted off until the 12th of December, until then I fill the festive gap in my life with suitably scented candles. One such being Origins Feel Good Candle that is beautiful fragranced with notes of Pine, Orange and Spruce - like having the real deal in your lounge but slightly better smelling if I say so myself.

Origins Feel Good Candle

For a moment (and just for a moment, as it is so heavenly) let's forget the wonderful scent the Origins Feel Good Candle exudes and let me share a few details that may be overlooked; first of all the Origins Feel Good Candle is constructed from 100% Soy Wax. This is kinder to the lungs and will not produce, wall and ceiling staining soot, to further enhance a clean burn the wick is 100% cotton. Not quite sold yet? Well what if I told you that Origins Feel Good Candle is housed in a beautiful yet 100% recycled wine bottle and for every candle sold, Origins will plant a tree in its honour. Pretty wonderful and very aptly named if you ask me.

If like myself you aren't the biggest fan of spice based scents, nor stand alone pine fragrances (they remind me of cleaning products) but want something to leave you warm, fuzzy and suitably glowing with festive cheer (I'm pretty sure I'm half Elf on my Mother's side), then Origins Feel Good Candle is the product you need to treat yourself too. Fresh and crisp, like freshly fallen snow coupled with Pine and Spruce notes to give an authentic alpine like essence. There is also a hint of zesty Orange which does not overpower the overall scent, rather it gives an uplifting citrus kick that is rather addictive.

Real Christmas Tree or not, Origins Feel Good Candle leaves my entire home smelling like the great outdoors - all without the frost bite and multiple layers of clothing.

Origins Feel Good Candle £35 via Origins - link.