What's Your Go To Festive Red Lipstick?

December somewhat sneaked up on me; it almost feels like one moment ago it was April, I blinked and now we are in the season of good tidings. Like most things in life I am utterly unprepared for the big day and don't even know where to begin with seasonal make up - a first world problem if ever there was one.

After years of shying away from red lipsticks and only applying them in the comfort of my bathroom to quickly remove should the doorbell ring, I am now ready to embrace the trend but the problem is I have yet to find my perfect red. They say that there is a Wine out there for everyone but you may need to suffer many a hangover and lost Friday night finding it, something I'm sure most of us are okay with. My theory is red lipstick has to be the same - well minus the overinflated alcohol ego and loosing my keys. Somewhere out, there, like a lost Prince my dream red lipstick is waiting to be found - I just haven't got off my ass and began the search. Dabbled would be the best way to describe my relationship with red lipstick.

I've half heartedly worn MAC Cherry Lip Liner but find the shade to be a little too blue based and dare I say drying. I've also tried on MAC Ruby Woo several times and as pretty as the shade is the formulation is unbearable: drying, tacky to the touch and heavy - or maybe I am being a little too precious. The only other red that stands out in my mind as somewhat making a mark (on glasses, on clothes but not my affections) is YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Le Orange - a bright, glossy, orange tinged red that is apparently Kourtney Kardashian's go to red.

Before I begin to ask you for recommendations, let me tell you what my expectations are - you know to help narrow down the search possibility. First of all it has to be matte, I'm not against glossy shades per say but do favour matte lipsticks - they wear better which mean I have more time at parties to chat and eat (I wish I was joking). I'm also holding out for a bright, in your face almost neon red that leans more orange than it does blue and if it could be easily found on the high street (the price doesn't really matter, for the perfect shade I will loosen the purse strings) that would also be great. I'm not asking for much am I ha!

Forget what I want (I am open to suggestions) and tell me what is your go to festive red lipstick, what shade can you rely on all December? I'm ready with a notebook and pen, waiting to become a red lipstick enthusiast...or at the very least find one shade I like.