What They Don't Tell You About Beauty Blogging

Nearly five years ago I first logged onto Blogger and began blogging, back then I had next to no idea what I was doing (some may argue that is still the case) nor what a few clicks could create. If you are toying with the idea of joining the world of beauty blogging in 2016 (and I think you should) here is a few forewarnings of what to expect...if you are veteran blogger, perpare to nod sagely.

What They Don't Tell You About Beauty Blogging

1, That blog name and URL you've spent hours, maybe even days deliberating over? Yeah, give it a month and you'll more than likely hate it.

2, You'll also at some point be referred to as your blog title - not necessarily a bad thing as I happen to think Sunday is quite a pretty name but there you go.

3, As a further kick in the teeth, changing it to something else is fairly complicated and often more hassle than it is worth.

4, S.E.O - Search Engine Optimisation, three words that will become the bane of your life and suck joy out of post titles like nothing else (I did have a simile but keeping it clean was a problem).

5, If you are not already a candle fan prepare to be converted. By the time you are a year into blogging, there is a good chance you could give the local chapel a run for its money.

6, The seasons will become your enemy. Sure you'll enjoy the sunshine of Summer, the crispness of Autumn and the festive cheer of Winter but curse each change of light for destroying your photographs.

7, While we are on the topic of photography prepare for the battery in your camera and/or phone to die when you need it most and at least one of your card SD cards to corrupt. It will most likely be the card in which you haven't had the time to save the photos onto your computer...or at least that is my experience.

8, A trip to your local beauty hall will result in both your forearms, hands and perhaps your new Winter coat becoming engrained in traces of the latest launches.

9, At least one day a week will be referred to as "blog day", think mass photography sessions followed by frantic typing and organising of blog posts.

10, You will develop uncanny abilities: such as identifying a certain brand of lipsticks from 10 paces away and most likely be able to sniff out just about every perfume going. Skills to pay the bills...or something like that.

It's a strange world/industry but I wouldn't have it any other way.