A few months ago before I was really acquainted with sheet masks, I popped into Sephora determined to stock up on their ever raved about masks. I had no idea that Sephora offered two different types of face masks: sheet and sleep, and asked the assistant to point me in the direction of their own brand facial masks. In hindsight it was a teeny, tiny Sephora and my description was vague; rather than leaving the store with sheet masks, I became a little confused and walked away with no less than six Sephora Sleep Masks. My bad.

Do you need six different variants of Sephora (or any for that matter) Sleep Masks? In a word no. For those new to the world of Sleep Masks, let me briefly explain what they are and how they are used: most and certainly in the instance of the Sephora range, are cream-come-gel textured intensive moisturisers, that you apply as a last step within your night-time regime before popping off to bed. The ingredients apparently penetrate the skin deeper while you sleep - I can't say I'm convinced that is the case but as in most instances they are cooling and generally enjoyable to apply, you'll hear zero complaints from me. The only downside is that some can be a little sticky and leave behind a tacky residue - I do hasten to add that this is not the case with the Sephora Sleep Mask range.

Sephora Sleep Masks Review

Sephora offer 8 options within their Sleep Mask range, each of which are catered to specific skin needs and concerns. I'd be lying if I said I paid particular attention during my shopping spree, rather I grabbed one of each, plunked them into my basket and continued whizzing around the store. I would recommend, quickly glancing at both the ingredients and purpose of the mask, before handing over your cash; I will add that since it is only an occasional, one-use-per-pot product, that should you purchase the wrong mask for your skin type, it is no real biggie.

In a nutshell: most just deeply moisturise, for any long lasting qualities you would have to commit to more than one sachet, and of course amp up your usage quota.

Other than fragrances, colour and the stand out mattifying mask, I would be hard pushed to differentiate between any of the textures or results for the matter. That is not to say I didn't enjoy the masks because I did, in the warm Floridian sun they were quite the treat come bed time, and used over the course of two weeks my skin did feel beautifully soft and hydrated - not the easiest task in the blaring sun and when you'd rather skip water in favour of sugary ice teas. If you have oily skin that you'd like to some what mattify, make a mental note to try the Sephora Green Tea Sleeping Mask - it mops up excess oil and is the perfect light texture for easily overwhelmed complexions. If you fly frequently, I would recommend stock piling the Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask - the idea in-flight partner. Otherwise go with what appeals to you most and do bear in mind that at $4 each they will not solve many skin woes - they temporarily plump and hydrate. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sephora Sleeping Masks $4 each via Sephora - link.