10 Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Confessions

Every now and then I feel pretty gross, normally when I slap on a Biore Pore Strip and look at the used patch a little too long (seriously the aftermath of those strips is the most fascinating thing ever). I'm also guilty of picking my split ends and biting my nails (this is why the boys don't come to my yard huh?), I'm human as are A Listers, who admittedly have some bizarre approaches to beauty. Below are 10 of the weirdest "beauty tips" from the world of celebrity I have found.

10 Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Confessions

Kim Kardashian - One of the biggest beauty icons commits, what most would deem the biggest beauty sin, yep she sleeps in her make-up. Her reasoning? It saves time the next day and allows her to be lazy; she even divulged further that it was the one and only Charlotte Tilbury who inspired her to try it after finding out, that Charlotte Tilbury has never allowed her husband to see her sans make up. Both are utterly beautiful women but I'm afraid this is not a trend I'll be trying out any time soon.

Cameron Diaz - As a fellow adult acne sufferer, I am a little surprised to learn that she lances blemishes. I've read an interview, in which she confesses she somewhat knicks blemishes to encourage them to heal quicker. I can't say I'm overly convinced it will work and worry that it could result in the skin scarring - to each their own.

Salma Hayek - Going against all your Mother taught you when you were a child is Salma Hayek, who doesn't wash her face in the morning. Her reasoning? While you sleep your skin self repairs and by washing your face in the morning you are rinsing away all the complexion boosting goodness. A part of me thinks she may be onto something, she is utterly gorgeous; the other and perhaps more logical part, knows that skin renewal happens below the skins surface and is not something you can simply wash away come the A.M.

Snookie - Once upon a time Jersey Shore was my guilty T.V pleasure and I did wonder what the girls wore in terms of make-up, not to emulate but rather out of sheer curiosity. Given the show, it should come as little surprise that Snookie's attitude to facial scrubs is a little unconventional - her go to mask is made out of (clean) kitty litter. I'll skip thank you very much.

Jessica Simpson - Ever wondered the secret behind Jessica Simpson's bright, white smile? Apparently it has nothing to do with toothpaste! Yep I have just learnt that Ms.Simpson does not brush her teeth daily as she doesn't like them to feel "too slippery". Rather sometimes she wipes skips brushing in favour of wiping her teeth on an old t-shirt. I'm speechless and wonder what her Dentist thinks?

Miranda Kerr - Not the oddest beauty advice I've read in a long while but still a little out there is Miranda Kerr, who uses Vaseline as a highlighter around the eye area and curls her eyelashes using a spoon? Both are fairly gentle but I'm quite happy with straight lashes and The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter for the time being.

Lady Gaga - Given the personality I'd imagine you'd expect really bizarre beauty advice? Not really the case with Lady Gaga - to remove eye make up, rumour has it that she uses tape. I'm not quite sure how you'd put that into practice? Perhaps she simply uses it to tidy up make-up or grab those pesky, loose strands of glitter? Who knows. I've also read that she likes to tape back her neck and eyes as a mini face lift.

Suki Waterman - The secret behind her tousled, wavy locks? Rinsing her hair with a can of Coca-Cola. As lovely as her tresses may be, I'm in no rush to dip my hair in a fizzy, sticky, concoction all in the name of texture. I prefer my Coca-Cola cherry tinged and in a glass.

Demi Moore - My guess is that Demi Moore is not squeamish as she is a fan of Leech Therapy Detox. For those a little more curious than I (you lost me at Leeches), this involves attaching Leeches to the skin and allowing them to draw blood. The supposed benefits? Brighter skin and general improved health. I'll keep my dull skin over attaching Leeches to my skin - grim!

Kate Hudson - This is a tip that you may want to avoid in the Winter months but for a quick, radiant glow Kate Hudson swears by dunking her face in ice cold water. Brr!

10 Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Confessions

Turns out my tendency to explore Biore Pore Strips isn't so strange after all huh?