What Do You Do When You Can't Sleep

Late night scrolls on Twitter lead me to believe that I am not in this alone, yes as you may have guessed I have huge problems with falling asleep. It is not that I don't want to sleep (trust me I do, I really do) but for periods both my mind and body simply seem to forbid this from taking place. I am cautious of throwing around the term insomnia, it is so overused and to an extend misunderstood. Insomnia isn't missing the odd night of sleep here and there, rather it is when you go weeks, maybe even months of never having the satisfaction of a good rest.

What Do You Do When You Can't Sleep

I don't have insomnia but I do massively struggle and it forever seems to be when the seasons change. Pretty much like clockwork, four times a year and for as long as I can recall, my sleep pattern becomes disturbed and for a week or so, I really struggle catching 40 winks. I say week or so, we are now edging into week three with next to no improvement; as a result I am beyond miserable and really falling behind in both life and work. In the past I have used my lack of rest to work, bored of trying to sleep, I would crack open the laptop and type away but at the moment I'm too exhausted to compose coherent sentences for it to be worthwhile. Rather I've become hooked on pod casts, I wish I could say they drift me off into the land of nod but they don't; in fact they are probably counteractive, stimulating my brain rather than helping me to unwind.

With that in mind, I have began turning off all technology (phone included) and curling up in bed with a book an hour before calling it a night. I do feel like it helps to some degree, in that my body feels more relaxed and ready for sleep but more often than not my mind still races away. I go to bed around 11pm and can find myself see 4am come and go. Frustrating.

Being a beauty blogger I have of course tried and tested many a sleep based beauty product: from sprinkling lavender and chamomile essential oils onto a tissue and placing it under my pillow, to sleep mists bedding (I swear by Avon Sleep Serenity Spray).  I've also dabbled with Neom Tranquillity Products - namely the Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment which you apply to the pulse points to help promote a restful evening of sleep. When I remember I also pop a little blend of essential oils into my oil burner, in the hope they will help soothe and relax my mind and body. No such luck at the moment.

So yes, nothing is working and I am at a loss. I apologise for the desperate and slightly whiny post but the circles under my eyes are now of panda like proportions (the main difference is that they are far cuter than I will ever be but we are equally as hairy) and I will probably try just about anything other than sleeping tablets for a blissful, 8 hours of sleep. If you have any tips, tricks, heck even an old wives tale will suffice at this point, please share and enlighten me within the comments.