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Kneipp Herbal Baths and Why You Need to Try Them

Kneipp Herbal Baths

Winter is the perfect excuse to cast aside twenty minutes, draw yourself a lovely warm bath and unwind - candles optional of course. Well what if you could make that soak in the tub a little more beneficial? What if there was a range of herbal infused bath soaks that have been created to treat various ailments? Tell me more, I imagine would be your answer? One word Kneipp. Kneipp is a holistic brand (originally founded by a Priest back in 1891) that have pretty much a bathing remedy for most of life's problems, well maybe not but they are great for the common cold and preventing a restless night. If this sounds like the very thing you have been waiting for, read on...

Kneipp Herbal Baths

All of the Kneipp Herbal Bath contain natural oils, all of which differ depending on the blend and rather than product endless streams of bubbles, they lightly foam and more often than not tint the water - along with softening the skin, the above combination really does make for a relaxing pre-bed ritual. So what Kneipp Herbal Bath variant should you purchase, I'm so glad you asked. My first answer would be them all but then again we aren't all hoarders so let me help make the decision of whittling it down to just one, a little easier:

Kneipp Herbal Baths

Kneipp Back Comfort Herbal Bath - a warming, almost spicy scented product (similar to the fragrance of the Deep Heat products) that has been created to release tension using Devils Claw plant extract as a powerful anti-inflammatory. The idea is that it will release tension (particularly helpful when you have an achy back) and ease up pain in joints, ideal for sports injury or those weeks when it feels you are never off your feet.

Kneipp Balancing Herbal Bath - this uses Lavender to help your body unwind and relax, it is also great for those who find nodding off at night difficult. I would say that if you dislike the fragrance of Lavender this is one to avoid as it is fairly potent in the scent stakes.

Kneipp Cold Season Herbal Bath - all jokes aside, if I could recommend only one of the Kniepp Herbal Bath treats it would be this. As far as fragrance goes it is fairly typical - Eucalyptus which you'll either love or loathe. The good news is that it does help to clear a stuffy nose and head for that matter, as well as relieving aching muscles. By a bottle now and come your first Winter cold you'll be beyond thankful you did.

Kniepp Enjoy Life Herbal Bath - bright, zesty and lemon scented, this blend has been created to uplift and brighten the dullest of days. Perhaps the least beneficial of the bunch but let's face it we all have days when all we want is a quick pick me up.

Kniepp Pure Bliss Herbal Bath - the most beautiful fragrance with hints of hemp and poppy to create an indulgent atmosphere in even the smallest of bathrooms (yep that would be mine). I find this variation to oddly be the most softening of the bunch, so if you have particularly dry skin this may be one to invest in.

Kneipp Sweet Dreams Herbal Bath - as the name suggests, this is indeed for inducing a great night of sleep. Forget your typical Lavender and Chamomile blend, Kneipp Sweet Dreams Herbal Bath contains Valerian and Hops to soothe both your mind and body, ready for a restful night of slumber. I'm current really struggle with sleep so I can't comment if it works or not just yet but I will revisit as soon as my restless phase passes.

Kneipp Herbal Baths

If you do fancy owning one of each of the above Herbal Baths you can find a miniature collection via Amazon for £9.25 (6x20ml) - link.

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  1. These sound adorable! A hot bath after a long day at work is my favourite way to spend winter evenings x

  2. Pure Bliss does exactly what it says on the bottle. Its amazing, I always feel completely blissed out after I bath with this added.

  3. Sounds amaaazing! So perfect for the colder weather x


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