The Sunday Teen

Bizarrely I am beyond nervous to hit publish on this post, I've maintained The Sunday Girl blog for four years and along the way there has been two side blogs. Blogs that have fallen to the way side as realistically I suck as a lifestyle blogger. Hey we all have our short comings, and as it goes I'm not all that interesting as a person ha! I do however have a huge passion for beauty and I like to think, even if it is in a small capacity I have passed that enthusiasm on to my younger sister.

And just like that this leads nicely onto our new joint venture, I say venture when really it is just another free blogspot blog and not all that much cash (perhaps too honest?) was invested in creating The Sunday Teen but we did it. I'd be lying if in true sister style I did not say there was some squabbles, mainly about colour schemes and fonts but then again does any true sibling path run all that smoothly?

Essentially The Sunday Teen came about purely because the teenage posts were doing so well on The Sunday Girl. All the wonderful comments and interactions (thank you!) encouraged my sister that it was time that they had a place of their own; a little hub of teenage beauty musings, reviews, along with some hindsight and blogging advice/tips, thrown in from a former teenager (ha! As someone in my twenties I really shouldn't be so desperate to cling onto my youth). Perhaps the tag line for the site should be one site, two voices? 

We do hope that it will offer something for everyone (sometimes it is nice to read things from different age point of views, or at least we hope) but if one dose of The Sunday Girl is more than enough for you (and I don't blame you, I don't half ramble on), thank you for reading this post and of course for the continued support. Hey even if it does just end up that the only person that reads the site is my Mum at least we will have an excuse to go to Superdrug together (hashtag family bonding).

If you do fancy checking out the new site (feedback and input is fully welcomed), you can find The Sunday Teen here - link.

Thank you.