How Do You Deodorise

I know, I know what a bizarre post but it is something I have been meaning to ask purely due to allergies and that is what deodorants do you use and enjoy? I mean if we can talk about every other facet of beauty, why not the humble stick or can of antiperspirant?

I have eczema but not eczema how the average person knows it, oh no that would be too easy. Rather I have dry and often itchy, scaly patches of skin on the inside of my wrist (yep just one) and on occasion under my arms and on the sides of my mouth. As you can imagine the eczema surrounding my under arms is the most problematic as it doesn't take much to irritate it; be it deodorant, shaving or clothing. One thing I have noticed over the years due to much trial and error is that my skin can not tolerate spray on antiperspirants for a prolonged period. The odd application here and there is fine but day to day use results in broken, irritated skin.

What works best for my needs is roll on or stick formulations, the more natural the better. I do tend to seek out paraben and fragrance free formulations where possible and fully recommend Melvita Deodorants over all else - they are so gentle, effective and beautifully scented, the only downside is that they are a little more pricey than your average deodorant (around £11 each). If Melvita is not an option and a lot like myself you have particularly fussy underarms I also rely on Dove Pure Roll On Deodorant (£2.30); paraben, alcohol and fragrance free, this is the gentlest and most affordable deodorant I have found for sensitive skin on the high street.

For the days when I drag myself to the gym (drag is an understatement, I'm like a toddler being told they can't have ice cream before dinner when it comes to exercise. I hate it and will grumble.) I prefer a somewhat heavier duty offering. Something that will keep me smelling sweet after an hour of spin, cool my skin and again irritant free. Oddly I found my answer within the gents toiletry section in my local supermarket. I use and recommend Gillette Clear Gel Arctic Ice Antiperspirant Deodorant (£1.99), it has a clean aquatic scent that isn't overly masculine (whatever that may be), cools my skin and really does stand the test of half assed attempts at getting fit.

Who knew something as basic as deodrant could be so complex?

So tell me what do you use and recommend and what methods do you avoid?