Four Ways to De-Tangle Your Hair Without Breakage

Secretly I think we all enjoy washing our hair; from the scrubbing and rinsing of the day away, to the scent of hair care and who could forget those five, guilt free minutes to yourself. Bliss. Well until it comes to de-tangling your locks of course. Don't ask me what I do to my hair in the washing process that quite warrants the level of knots, tangles and general snagging of hair; maybe I am a little too vigorous? Regardless combing out freshly washed hair is one of my least favourite things, I will actively put off lather, rinsing and repeating (where would be without dry shampoo?) due to the sheer effort. I might not be able to make the task of taming, tangled locks less laborious but I can recommend a few tools that will prevent unnecessary hair breakage.

Before I share my tools of the trade I do want to reiterate what many a hair stylist (and maybe your Mother) has told you in the past, never brush (with a normal hair brush that is) your hair when it wet. Wet hair is fragile and prone to breakage and general damage when in such state, it is recommended that you wait until your hair is around 80% dry before raking a comb, brush or your fingers through it. This tip alone could be the one thing that changes the condition of your locks.

Four Ways to De-Tangle Your Hair Without Breakage

Wide Tooth Comb - Not my weapon of choice, too many years spent in hairdresser chairs as they mercifully rake a comb through my hair has put me off for life. Then again not everyone has thick, unruly and extremely long hair so it could be a problem of circumstance rather than the comb to blame. I do like to use a wide tooth comb to distribute hair oil before washing my hair and to rake through a little leave in conditioner, other than than that I'm afraid I have been converted to the way of the Tangle Teezer.

The Wet Brush - I like the Wet Brush but I don't love it, I can't bring myself to brush my hair when it is wet through fear of damage (see my second paragraph), using a brush on wet hair goes against all I know to be true. It should be pointed out that unlike a traditional brush, the Wet Brush has been created to gently loosen knots and tangles, all without snagging or causing additional hair damage. The soft flexible brush teeth, glide through the hair and the cushion pad really does make de-tangling a lot easier be it on wet or dry hair. Yes just to be awkward I use the wet Brush on dry hair, I haven't found a hair brush that is more gentle nor ideal for my handbag.

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash - I've been loyal to the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash for well over two years now, nothing and I mean nothing glides through my freshly washed hair like it. I have really long hair that is bleached and every time I go to the hairdressers I am commended on the condition. Sure it is partly do with me avoiding heat and relying on great conditioners but you can't tell me that the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash hasn't also played its part too. The wide yet soft plastic teeth gentle tease out even the most stubborn of knots, all without pulling or tugging at fragile damp hair and as an added bonus the non-slip design means I have complete control. Trust me if this "brush" can de-tangle my hair after a dip in salty, ocean water it will revolutionise your Sunday evening hair wash. You need one. Yep I said need.

The Original Tangle Teezer - Admittedly I adored the Original Tangle Teezer when it first launched and to this day I would still plump for one over a traditional brush or comb, however since finding the above Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash, I haven't looked back. Don't get me wrong the Original Tangle Teezer is great but the bristles are a little rougher than the splash version, and the compact size can be a hindrance when you have a lot of hair to tame.

What do you use to keep your hair knot free?