A Note on Premium Beauty Brands

I like to think that had my path taken a different turn, I'd still be as infatuated with beauty products as I am now. I also like to think I don't fill the beauty snob title as I truly do enjoy products from both ends of the spectrum - from bargain yet effective foundation purchases after a trip to Boots, to oh so worth it splurges in the beauty halls of Selfridges, both leave me equally happy. I do have to admit that nothing leaves me feeling quite as special as the odd premium beauty addition to my beauty bag.

Yes, yes we all know that a hefty price tag doesn't always equate to good quality, some brands spend more money on packaging than they do formulation. It is old hat and well know that you don't always get what you pay for but does that stop me ooh and ahhing over premium beauty brands? In a word, no.

A Note on Premium Beauty Brands

I guess splurging out on an expensive lipstick, blusher or even an entire collection from the likes of Chanel or Charlotte Tilbury ticks a box that a quick, trot around Boots doesn't. Maybe it has something to do with the designer association, or the fact that you know that a £20 lipstick is not something you can justify daily. You can say what you want but sometimes nothing beats the feel good endorphins of purchasing that much longed after pricey lipstick. Heck you might even say that you feel a little special, not only in handing over the cash but wearing your new beauty acquisition too. Ludicrous I know but I also believe I am not alone.

In my case, I often feel more deserving of a luxury beauty product than I do a budget lipstick or foundation? Why? Well as I said above it is not something I do all that regularly (hello a gal has to eat), so any premium beauty splurge has come with weeks, if not months of saving and of course deliberation. Unlike a budget purchase, when splashing out on a luxury beauty buy, I will do my research, I will spend hours pouring over reviews, swatches and of course seeking out the best deal - do I do that for a £2 lipstick? Nope. Silly in a sense because all those disregarded "cheap" lipsticks add up and a few misguided purchases could amount to one, truly treasured item.

At this point I have somewhat lost my self in a haze of designer cosmetics but really all I want to know is what is your stance on premium cosmetic brands. Is it all you wear as you find the quality far superior? Do you leave well alone having found rival if not better cosmetic offerings on the hight street? Or are you a little like myself, a fan but a considered buyer - only treating yourself now and then?