As you may be aware each year to mark the festive season Yankee Candle launches a selection of limited edition fragrances, this year there are four to choose from - each more inviting than the last. Yes Christmas is still over two months away but there is no harm in being prepared for the big day nor the run up to the event, is there? Heck I would happily burn a few of the new Yankee Candle Christmas fragrances all year round. If the thought of a long, cold Winter is leaving you a little dreadful, let me share four warming new Yankee fragrances that may just brighten up your day.

Yankee Candle Christmas Fragrances 2015

Yankee Candle Berry Trifle - My Grandfather has a penchant for trifle, traditionally my Mother will rustle up one for Christmas Day and he will be as pleased as punch. For this reason alone, the scent of Yankee Candle Berry Trifle offers a certain nostalgic familiarity that many festive fragrances can not; it is sweet yet warming and is a great fruity based scent for those that dislike overly obvious Winter fragrances. Yankee Candle Berry Trifle features notes of fresh berries (strawberry and raspberry, I believe), combined with a hint of soft vanilla. It almost reminds me of Jelly (as in Jell-O) and ice cream.

Yankee Bundle Up - This is the scent I have the least to say about, don't get me wrong I do like it but it isn't nearly as cheery or Winter focused as I'd like. Apparently this is a clean, citrus tinged scent that has been created to evoke memories of frosty days and warm, layers of clothing. In my opinion it is very reminiscent of fabric softener which I guess is apt, when bundled up in layers you will of course smell such product off of your clothing. Nice enough but nowhere near as special as the other three additions within the range.

Yankee Cosy By the Fire - If you are a huge Lush fan and fell in love with the limited edition Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel, then you will want to purchase Yankee Cosy By the Fire. This scent has a certain alcoholic kick (almost like whisky or a rich cognac), coupled with a smoky, earthen woody note. It reminds me of both the crisp, smoke filled scent of the lead up to Guy Fawkes night and the aroma of logs burning on an open fire. It is the quintessential scent of Winter without being overly obvious nor festive.

Yankee Winter Glow - A soft, delicate scent that has been created to mimic both the freshness of snow fall and the warmth of coming in-doors on a cold, Winter evening. Cooling menthol combines with warming Amber for the best of both worlds. This is the scent that I will most likely choose to burn well watching Christmas movies come mid-December.

I've now used up all four of my votives (I tend to purchase either a small candle or wax tart before splurging on a large jar) and have decided that once I return home from the US, I will purchase a large jar of Yankee Berry Trifle and Yankee Cosy By the Fire.

Have you tried any of the above scents? If not which of the four appeals to you most?

You can find the entire range of Yankee Candle Christmas Fragrances via Yankee Candle - link, prices range from £1.49 - £21.99.