What Annoys You About the Beauty World

Sometimes you need to air your grievances, let off some steam and climb aboard your soap box. After a recent trip to Boots, to stock up on some last minute essentials I was left utterly disgusted by some beauty stands - products that were not the designated tester opened and spoiled, foundations spilled and general chaos. Call me old fashioned but when I go to purchase a beauty product, I don't want to spend a good 15 or so minutes, routing around for that one elusive tube of lipstick that has not been on someone else's lips.

I've lost count to just how many times I have come home with what I have thought to be a perfectly new product from the likes of Boots and Superdrug, only to find it has been tampered with. Further adding to the fury is the fact that here in the UK, unless faulty you can not return a beauty product. It is so infuriating and down right, disgusting that I do tend to do all of my beauty shopping online. For the record I don't blame the staff, large stores with cosmetic aisles rather than counters can not be easy to man. I totally get it and other than telling someone not to open a product, their hands are tied.

What Annoys You About the Beauty World

Another thing that bugs me about the beauty industry is the hard sell. If I drop by a counter asking for a little assistance in regards to a moisturiser or general beauty product, that is all I want to learn about and/or purchase. I don't mind a few other product recommendations but being told that the product I have in mind, will only "really" work if I purchase a whole new skin care regime is excessive and off putting. Shout out to all the lovely sales assistants who go above and beyond, are not pushy - I will forever be a customer at your counters.

One last thing (I promise in person I'm not nearly as grumpy as this post may suggest), no-one and I mean no-one believes that celebrities who endorse boxed hair dye use such product. In my experience it is neigh impossible to go from dyed black hair, to a soft, even milky blonde tone with one, quick use of at home hair dye/bleach. Don't get me wrong in capable hands I'm sure with patience and perseverance it would be possible but the suggested small task the advert suggests is nonsense. I also feel the same way about foundation campaigns which clearly rely on air brush techniques to enhance the supposive capabilities of the product.

Gosh I'm grumpy today, feel free to weigh in with what irks you in regards to the beauty industry...we'll save the chat about the terrible weather for next week shall we ha!