Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB Review

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB

Growing up within the 00's I can recall very clearly the Rimmel Sun Shimmer trend; the then infamous rub on, wash off self tanner that was decidedly orange and prone to streaking or worse blotting off should it rain. After years of shunning the formulation, I can happily say that I am now having a loved in with the newly reformulation texture and colour. If you enjoy a self tanner that looks natural, all with minimal commitment, then look no further than Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB Wash Off Instant Colour. I will happily go on record saying that the newer formula is a beauty classic or at the very least one in the making.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB

Much like when I was younger I do not use the shimmer version of Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB, rather I reach for the matte version and in the shade medium. The best way I can think to describe the texture of Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB is as a gel come cream hybrid - there is the cooling, easy to apply and blend gel aspect, combined with the somewhat nourishing, smoothing and perfecting qualities of a cream. Unlike a typical self tanner the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB aims to not just tint the skin but also as mentioned perfect. It gently blurs any minor skin imperfections such as visible veins, stretch marks and perhaps redness too? I would liken the results a little to that of the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, the main difference is that this can be applied all over the body.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB

Not only has the texture and overall formulation of Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB been improved but the colour too. I can't comment on the shade light matte as I've yet to try it, I can however vouch that Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB in Medium Matte is a mid toned, golden brown that has a natural olive undertone opposed to any hint of orange. It creates a natural sun kissed glow that is perfect for pepping up any light to medium complexion as well as evening out the skin tone. I have been known to use Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB in the past to disguise any awkward tan lines as well as creating less than pasty pins for a night on the tiles.

To apply I can not recommend using a self tanning mitt enough, work from the bottom of your body up and use large sweeping, come circular movements for a flawless finish. Unlike in the past Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB will stay put until you wash it off, gone are the days of worrying about rain or sweat!

If you have yet to try Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB or perhaps recall it from a few years ago, faults and all, it is time to discover/re-discover the British self tanning staple.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB £6.99 via Boots - link.
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  1. Thanks for the review. I am so guilty of using self tanner because honestly I would look like a zombie out of TWD during winter. If I am too lazy I love a good wash off tanner. Thank god today's tanner are SO good sometimes! Will try this one :)

  2. I love this product... perfect for those unexpected events! I use the light version and it still creates a great golden tan :)

  3. Looks like such a good product! Plus it's affordable. Win win x

    Lina |

  4. I'm still so terrified of fake tan just because of the sun shimmer, seen way too many people fall victim of a rain shower on a nightout and end up with fake tan all over their dress, dripping down their legs. Blech! lol

    I need to get over it, asap. Im so pale!

  5. I really like this stuff and it doesn't seem to go orange thank god! It's the perfect last minute fake tan! xx

  6. Oh my god I used to be totally addicted to this stuff and went into mourning when they stopped making it.
    This post has made my day/week/month/year!

  7. I have never tried this despite hearing so much about it over the years. Great review.
    Charlotte -


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