Lush Pink Flamingo Reuseable Bubble Bar Review

Is there anything better on a cold, dreary evening than a warm, soapy bubble bath? I think not, especially if the product in question promises to whisk you off to warm, tropical climes and comes in the shape of a Flamingo. The words you are looking for are magical and take my money now. If you purchase one new product from Lush in the coming weeks, please let it be a Lush Pink Flamingo Reuseable Bubble Bar.

Lush Pink Flamingo Reuseable Bubble Bar Review

As the name suggests Lush Pink Flamingo Reuseable Bubble Bar, provides bubbles, fragrance and is of course re-usable - I managed 5 baths from one bar. To use you have two options: one hold it under running water for a few moments to create a frothy bubble bath or whisk it around the water - again to create bubbles. The choice really is yours but find the running water to provide the best results, just be careful not to burn yourself when doing so! I feel it is only fair to mention that this product does not provide quite as many bubbles as a Lush Bubble Bar, rather it creates more a light, soft foam as well as tinting the water bright pink (it doesn't stain the bath nor leave a ring).

The scent and design is what will draw most people in, inspired by cocktails in general the fragrance of Lush Pink Flamingo Reuseable Bubble Bar is both familiar and utterly delicious. I can't quite pin point what the scent reminds me of - maybe sherbet or a childhood sweet, either way I can't get enough. The main notes are: rosewood, ylang ylang and bergamot for a refreshing, uplfiting aroma that will chase away any signs of the Winter blues. If that is not enough it also contains macadamia nut oil to soften and nourish the skin. You really can not ask for much more from a bubble bath, now can you?

Lush Pink Flamingo Reuseable Bubble Bar £5.95 via Lush - link.

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