Monday, October 12, 2015

Cuticura Shimmer Hand Gels

Excuse the oh so terrible, terrible pun...hands up if you often trawl the likes of eBay, Amazon or the Bath and Body Works website dreaming of being able to own, beautiful and unusual scented hand sanitizer gels? Perhaps I am a little more committed to the cause than most but I do think the UK is severely lacking in choices - well fun scented options at least? As a huge fan of the original Cuticura Hand Gels, I was more than pleased to stumble upon three new fruity variations while in Boots and at just £1.99 for 100ml, they are a complete snip.

The reason I rely on Cuticura Hand Gels is not entirely based on price; don't get me wrong when it comes to hand sanitizers I'd rather spend less than more but formulation is everything. I like a light, quick to absorb, non-sticky texture that doesn't overly dry out my hands nor sting - Cuticura does all of the above and more. With the addition of three new scents they may just win over a new legion of fans.

Cuticura Shimmer Hand Gels

I'm a little confused as to why Cuticura have ran with a "Shimmer" theme as there is no trace of glitter or shimmer particles, nor an explanation as to why either? Regardless they smell great and are perfect for those who enjoy, bright and fruity scents. In my opinion Cuticura Berry Shimmer Hand Gel is the perfect Autumnal scent - a blend of blueberries, raspberries and vanilla. For a bright, almost citrus uplifting option, I suggest trying out Cuticura Mango Shimmer Hand Gel - a mix of mango, orange and lemon. Lastly and perhaps the most Winter ready option is Cuticura Cherry Shimmer which of course contains not just a cherry note but also vanilla - it almost reminds me of deep, robust liquors.

Until (or should that be if) Bath and Body Works land in the UK, Cuticura Shimmer Hand Gels are the next best thing.

You can find all three scents via Boots for £1.99 each - link.

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  1. I had The Body Shop hand gels but I've fallen for the Carex one because it's kind of neutral in scent! Saying that I was sent some BBW and when I sniffed the watermelon & lemonade one... let's just say I'll be stocking up on that BIG TIME when I go to the states!

  2. Oooo im obsessed with mango, i need to get that one =]

  3. I ordered a B&BW Halloween sanitizer from eBay and I'm glad I did because it's adorable and smells amazing but it makes me sadder that they're not here in the UK yet!! Do they not realise how well their brand would go down here?!
    Anyway, these sound great & the berry one sounds right up my street. The packaging is super cute & the size is great for the price.
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  4. Oooh these sound good! x

  5. Ooo these look good! I love scented hand sanitizer, and I'm one of those who scouts eBay for pocketbacs. :)

    However, I can pick these up for work now and save my pocketbacs for best! :D

  6. I love Bath and body works sanitizers, scratch that, I love Bath and body works everything, but and I wold looooove for them to come to Europe anywhere. From what I heard there is one store in Warsaw, Poland, but the prices are sky high (nothing like the US stores) and they don't have e-shop.

  7. I love hand sanitiser I find myself constantly grabbing for it. Maybe I'm a germaphobe? Would love to try out the Mango one!

  8. Ooh these sound lush! I'm in need of a new hand gel now that mine is running low :)
    Megan x
    London Callings


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